Loyola University Maryland

Student Engagement

Senior Year

Class of 2020, your senior year has been interrupted. You have had to leave the very people with whom you most wanted to celebrate, for their protection and your own.  Long anticipated events have been cancelled or delayed. You are having to face an uncertain job market; and it can easily feel like you have been cut off from your resources and support. But you are not alone. Loyola has long recognized the importance of senior milestones. Looking back on our time at Loyola fosters insight and closer. Celebrations allow us to honor our individual and collective accomplishments. Looking ahead into a world of endless possibility is best done in community. 

You, Class of 2020, are an essential part of our Loyola family.  You have proven your resilience; and you deserve to have these precious moments, even if they do not look the same as they have in the past. Check out the opportunities and resources to recognize these milestones differently. 

Connect with Peers

Senior Circle is an opportunity to connect with peers and discuss shared experiences. Here you can remember the good times, grieve the missed experiences, seek next steps, and honor your accomplishments. Meetings will occur through graduation. Please visit the Senior Circle Website for a full list of times and instructions on how to join.

Seek Guidance

Dear Seniors is a series of video messages from our Loyola family to the Class of 2020. Through their stories of vocational discernment and global uncertainty, they offer support and guidance to seniors seeking their next steps.

Job searching has it's challenges for any graduating senior. Our Career Center remains available for all your vocational needs. They are hosting a series of events to provide specific guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign up for individual appointments on Handshake.

Celebrate Achievements

Goodbye Loyola offers one final opportunity to honor our four years together through our Ignatian values and practices. This community-wide examen will be held in summer 2020.

Programs for Rising Seniors

Milestone Fair - (September, 2020) -a welcome home lawn game fair designed to explore all you will encounter in your senior year.

Bucket List- Check out what past students have said you should accomplish before you graduate!