Loyola University Maryland

Student Engagement

Dear Seniors

In times of uncertainty, the way forward can feel clouded or obstructed. It becomes easy to believe the obstacles ahead must be conquered alone.  We forget, while our paths are unique, others have trail-blazed similar roads. If you listen closely, navigation tools and direction can be found in these stories. The Loyola Class of 2020 leaves a lasting impact on our hearts and collective history. To honor the connections made, our faculty, staff, and administrators have offered their own stories vocational discernment and global uncertainty. We hope they bring messages of support, encouragement, and guidance as you seek your next steps in life beyond Loyola.

Sincerely, Dan Kelly

Sincerely, Dr. Jim Snow

Sincerely, Dr. Christina Spearman

Sincerely, Vidushani Jayalal

Sincerely, Dr. Theresa Nguyen

Sincerely, Dr. Rachel Grover

Sincerely, Dr. JP Krahel

Sincerely, Dr. Rebekah Eklund


Interested in submitting a video message to the seniors? Contact Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Ashley Schantz, at aschantz@loyola.edu.