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Life After Loyola

The Office of Student Engagement and The SGA Senior Assembly have partnered on a new initiative entitled “Life After Loyola.” This is a virtual &”Master Class” inspired series for seniors preparing to transition out of Loyola. These tutorials will feature Loyola’s own expert faculty and staff. Topics will cover the graduate school search and selection process, personal financial management, housing selection after graduation, and strategies for purposeful living and civic engagement in new communities. Be sure to visit our website periodically. New series will be launched throughout the year!

October 2020: Graduate School Discernment Series

If you have ever thought about going to grad school, or if you are currently searching and applying for grad schools, this is the series for you! Begin by clarifying your purpose with guidance from Assistant Vice President for Career Services, Dr. Jim Dickinson. Then check out the personal stories and discipline-specific advice from faculty all throughout the university, including Dr. Birgit Albrecht, Dr. Joshua Smith, Dr. Janet Preis, Dr. Carolyn Barry, Nina Guise-Gerrity, and Dr. Kerry Tan. Lastly, listen to Rev. Timothy Brown's closing remarks about discernment and the value of our Loyola undergraduate education.

Life After Loyola: Graduate School Discernment Trailer

Graduate School Discernment with Jim Dickinson

STEM Programs with Birgit Albrecht

Education Programs with Joshua Smith

Speech-Language Pathology Programs with Janet Pries

Humanities Programs with Nina Guise-Gerrity

Psychology Programs with Carolyn Barry

Business Programs with Kerry Tan

Closing Remarks with Father Brown

November 2020: Financial Literacy

Life After Loyola: Financial Literacy Trailer

Investing in the Stock Market with Frank D'Souza

Student Loans with JP Krahel

Taxes with Frank Izzo

Negotiating Salary and Benefits with Marie Yeh

Retirement Savings with JP Krahel