Loyola University Maryland

Student Engagement

Senior Circle

Senior Circle LogoSenior Circle is an invitation-only group, intended to honor our senior leaders for their contribution to the Loyola community by offering space to discuss their transition to life after Loyola. This group meets monthly during the Spring semester.

History of the Circle

Circles have significant meaning in many non-western cultures. The circle in the logo, for example, is called an Enso. Within the Japanese and Zen Buddhist traditions, the Enso  symbolizes enlightenment and wholeness. It can be drawn as both open and closed, assumed to represent your position in life. Closed, the circle represents the totality of experience. Open, a freedom from perfection.

Senior Circle uses the structure from the Restorative Justice movement, which incorporates Native American traditions of community and communication.  Here, circles are used as a way to receive and share openly, while minimizing power differentials among participants.  As an added bonus, all participants will receive training at the end of the semester on circle facilitation.


While this group is currently invitation only, any interested parties should contact Assistant Director for Class Year & Discernment Programs, Ashley Schantz, at aschantz@loyola.edu to inquire about membership or to schedule individual facilitation with specific populations.