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Navigate Your Route from Major to Magis

Deciding between a few majors? Trying to figure out what to do with your identified major? Interested in exploring what it means for you to live a life of purpose?  Then Pathfinders is the place for you! This sophomore only group meets for 12 weeks during the fall semester.  Together, dare to ask big questions and take intentional action that draw us closer to authentic and meaningful careers. 

Pathfinders Mission

Pathfinders is a supportive and encouraging community of sophomore students committed to contemplative action to unearth their authentic selves within the context of major exploration and declaration.

Program Goals

Founded upon the Jesuit practice of action grounded in meaningful contemplation, the Pathfinders program aims to:

Explore—passions, strengths, opportunities, and questions pertinent to the major declaration and vocational discernment journey.

Reflect—to find meaning and direction from daily experiences.

Act—through small consistent steps toward vocation and to aid others on their unique paths to purpose.

Meaningful Partnerships

We are all exploring this crazy thing called life together; and the more diverse perspectives made available to us the better. Pathfinders represents a collective space to give and receive wisdom. Those who participate in Pathfinders will receive guidance from The Office of Student Engagement, The Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies through the Class Dean, and partners from the Career Center. Most importantly, however, you will be invited to share your lived experiences with your peers. Together we all thrive!

Join Our Community!

Registration for Pathfinders 2018 has reached capacity. Please contact Assistant Director for Class Year & Discernment Programs, Ashley Schantz, at aschantz@loyola.edu if you would like to schedule a personal meeting to discuss your vocational journey.