Loyola University Maryland

Student Health and Education Services

Allergy Clinic

The Student Health Center has the capability to provide allergy shots to students who have an established allergy schedule prescribed by an allergist.

Getting Started

  •  Allergy injections will not be given without current written orders and injection schedules from the prescribing physician.  We are not an allergist office and therefore do not initiate allergy management.  
  • Student forms and serum to be considered for acceptance must be brought to our clinic at least 3 days prior to start of allergy injections.
  • Allergy serum and forms may be brought to the Student Health Center Monday- Friday between 9am and 4:00pm.


  • Allergy Clinic is offered Tuesdays (9:30-12pm) and Thursdays (8:30-12pm).  
  • Please note that allergy injections are given by appointment only with our office registered nurse by calling (410) 617-5055.


  • There is a $50 fee per semester for allergy injection administration payable by cash, check or Evergreen only

For your convenience, you can review/print the Loyola University Allergy Clinic Consent Form (DOC) prior to your initial visit. For more information or to make an appointment please call (410) 617-5055.