Loyola University Maryland

Student Health and Education Services

Emergencies and After-Hours Care

Our health center is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. We realize that situations arise outside of our normal business hours. Please refer to the information below or our After- Hours Care Handout for how to handle medical concerns outside business hours. 

What should you do in a life-threatening emergency?

Call Public Safety's urgent line at (410) 617-5911 to request immediate assistance. A Public Safety officer will then:

  • call 911 for you
  • dispatch a first responder to your location to evaluate and assist you with your acute emergency
  • direct/escort emergency personnel onto Loyola's campus

What should you do with an urgent medical concern?

If it is after-hours and you have an urgent medical concern or question that cannot wait until Student Health Services reopens the next day:

  • call our On-Call Service* through Sinai Hospital at (410) 583-9396 and the on-call physician will be able to assist you. Make sure to identify yourself as a Loyola University Student and leave your name and number for the return call.
    • *Please note that the on-call providers do not have access to SHS health records or ability to help schedule appointments. For concerns related to this, you will need to call back during normal business hours. Please also be advised that the on-call service is only available during the Academic Year. 
  • if you do have access to a car, please refer to our list below of local urgent care/hospital ER resources.
  • if you do not have access to a car and you need to go to a urgent care center or hospital ER, please call Public Safety's non-urgent line at (410) 617-5010 who can arrange transportation for you. Depending on availability, your transportation will be by a public safety officer, by a student escort driver, or by the third party ambulance service that Loyola is partnered with (ambulance services are subject to a 60-90 minute, industry standard wait time).
    • If traveling to one of the below listed local urgent care facilities requiring an appointment, students are asked to provide a receipt of the scheduled appointment when making a transportation request.

What should you do with a non-urgent medical concern?

If your medical issue is non-urgent and can wait until the next business day, please call Student Health Services at (410) 617-5055 to schedule an appointment. 

  • Please note, our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 8:30-5pm. 

Local Urgent Care Facilities & Emergency Rooms

There are several urgent care facilities and emergency rooms within driving distance to campus. These sites do require appointments and are open as late as 10 p.m.

Choice One Urgent Care* - Rotunda Location -  (Closest Urgent Care- Campus Police can transport you here)
711 West 40th Street, Baltimore MD 21211
(443) 961-1221 - Hours 8am-8pm - Check wait times and make appts online
*Offers Travel Medicine services including vaccinations 

MedStar PromptCare (Campus Police can transport you here as well)
6317 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212
(443) 777-6890 - Hours 8am-8pm - Check wait times and make appts online.

Express Care of Sinai Hospital
2400 Clyburn Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 617-8420 - Hours 8am-8pm - Check wait times and make appts online.

Choice One Urgent Care* - Belvedere Location 
600 E. Belvedere Ave (Located where Loyola Clinical site is), Baltimore MD 21212
(410) 296-0018 - Hours 8am-8pm - Check wait times and make appts online

Patient First Towson
950 York Road, Towson, MD 21204
(410) 372-6373
Union Memorial Hospital (Closest ER, Campus Police will transport you if needed)
201 East University Parkway, Baltimore MD 21218
(410) 554-2000
Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) - ER/Urgent Care
6701 North Charles Street, Towson, MD 21204
(443) 849-2000
Sinai Hospital
2401 West Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore MD 21215
(410) 601-9000


If you need to obtain medications or have prescriptions filled after-hours, there are several local pharmacies near campus.