Loyola University Maryland

Student Health and Education Services

Reopening During COVID-19

As Loyola University has announced reopening plans for the Fall, we want to provide some insight into Student Health Services (SHS) COVID-related preparation as well as changes in daily operations. As we continue to plan, please know that we are working diligently not only to ensure the safety of our students, but also to continue to provide effective health care services. We will continue to work with our campus partners on the reopening efforts and make regular updates to this site as we work through more of the planning process.

Student Health Services Reopening Plans

COVID-19 Screening & Testing

  • We are finalizing our testing protocols, screening tools and recommendations and will provide more definitive information as it is determined.

Appointments & Visit Flow

  • Student Health Services is planning to address student concerns virtually from our office, via telehealth, when possible. We feel this is best in order to maintain low density numbers in the office, avoid illness transmission between students, and maintain safe distancing measures.
  • We will not be accepting walk-in students this upcoming semester and will require that all students have an appointment first.
  • If students need an appointment, they will call our office and be directed to a health care provider for a phone screening. We recognize that not all visits will be appropriate for management via phone or video appointment. In those cases, the student will be scheduled accordingly for an appointment after speaking with a health center provider.
  • We will not be utilizing our waiting room this fall, again to maintain safe distancing measures and limit contact between students. Because of this, we plan to have a streamlined check-in process. Students will have the ability to self check-in for appointments through their student portal in our new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system (more information forthcoming). Once checked in, students will be brought directly back to exam room by their provider, rather than sitting in waiting room or being assessed first in our triage room.
  • We are also working to establish a scheduling system that will stagger in-person visits in a manner that minimizes contact between ill vs. well students.

Pharmacy & Supplies

  • Students will still be able to purchase medications (both OTC and prescription) from our office as well as receive certain vaccinations. We will encourage the use of a credit card or Evergreen card as contactless payment options.
  • Student Health Services can still send prescriptions to any local outside pharmacy as well, but students will be asked to check those pharmacies first for any new/updated procedures for pick up with regards to COVID.

Communication, Technology and Signage 

  • We are planning to add outside floor markers under our awning for students to utilize if waiting for an appointment. However, we will encourage students to check-in as close to their appointment time as possible in an effort to avoid gathering outside the health center.
  • We are planning to onboard a new EMR (electronic medical records) system this summer which will greatly assist telehealth efforts. This system will also have a secure student portal where students can contact their providers directly, set up appointments, view their immunization records, print discharge instructions, etc. More information will be communicated to students in the weeks to come.
  • We will be utilizing web-based communication as much as possible this fall with our new EMR platform, telehealth, secure email, and regular website updates. We also plan to continue posting regular updates on social media (IG: @LoyolaMDhealth, FB: @LoyolaMDhealth) in order to communicate important health trends, tips and education. We plan to remain as communicative and engaged with our students and campus community as much as possible!

Safety & Sanitation

  • All health care providers will be wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including masks and gloves. Students will also be asked to wear masks while in the health center as well.
  • We have clear barriers for the reception area and, for any charges, will have contactless payment at checkout.
  • We are working closely with Environmental Services to maintain thorough and detailed sanitation and cleaning practices in the exam rooms and throughout the health center.
  • We are also working on the installation of a negative pressure room for the assessment and management of students with potential COVID-symptoms.

This is an overview of our preparation efforts. We will continue to make updates to this page as frequently as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 410-617-5055 during business hours. Please enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you this fall!