Loyola University Maryland

Student Life

Mary Whitehead

Picture of Mary WhiteheadWelcome Greyhounds! My name is Mary Whitehead and I joined the Student Life staff in the summer of 2015.  I reign from the Windy City of Chicago but lived in Austin and San Antonio, Texas for five years before making the move to Baltimore.  I attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed by Bachelors at Northeastern Illinois University in Communication, Media and Theatre.  After developing the peer educators program through the Dean of Student Office at Northeastern, I was introduced to the Jesuit values at Loyola University Chicago where I completed my Masters in Higher Education and Administration.  Currently, I am pursuing a doctoral degree at University of Texas at San Antonio in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.  Guided by my values and commitment to social justice, I am interesting in embracing an inclusive and nurturing community where students realize dreams while achieving goals.

In my free time, I enjoy attending and facilitating events related to the performing arts like theatre and dance. I also can spend my days at cultural festivals, museums, art and photography exhibits and anything with music.  My professional passion is to research areas of critical race feminism, activism and the power dynamics between discourse and culture. My interest regarding these topics specifically targets higher education and student development areas. It is my desire to provide a current or historical narrative for marginalized communities within higher education.