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Graduate Residence Coordinators (GRCs)

The student life graduate positions are exciting opportunities to be involved with collegiate life at Loyola. The graduate positions involve a wide variety of responsibility and opportunities to gain valuable transferable skills for any area or profession. The graduate positions report to an assistant director within student life. Responsibilities vary, but can include supervision of student staff, programming, student conduct intervention, and housing operation administration.

2021-2022 Application Information will be shared in late January 2021. 

The following are the qualifications for our graduate positions. If you have any additional questions about our graduate positions, please email student life at sljobs@loyola.edu.


  1. Earned bachelor’s degree and full-time enrollment in a graduate degree program at Loyola University Maryland.
  2. One semester of on-campus residence hall experience or ability to demonstrate an understanding of the unique aspects of the on-campus living experience.
  3. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Knowledge about various college student experiences and challenges.
  5. Strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate students.
  6. Ability to maintain confidentiality and sensitive information.
  7. GRCs should have a flexible schedule and be available for both daytime and evening hours.

We encourage current graduate students and potential graduate students to apply for the position. If you are not currently enrolled in a graduate program, please indicate when you anticipate receiving acceptance into a graduate program on the application.

Job Descriptions

  1. GRC Area Position
  2. GRC Conduct Position
  3. GRC Desk Position 

GRC Experiences

Read what some of our GRCs had to say about their graduate experiences in student life at Loyola:

GRC training outing with fall 2017 staff

Eta M.

"The GRC position is one that is both challenging and rewarding. Through this position, I believe that I have strengthened my clinical and crisis management skills, which is invaluable in the field of psychology. I have the opportunity to develop some amazing resident assistants through direct supervision and have established connections not only with fellow GRCs and professional staff, but with a variety of key leaders throughout the campus. While on duty, I serve as a first responder who is charged with the task of assessing situations and providing support to residents and sometimes their families when they need it most. It is hard work, but I would not have it any other way!"

Liza B.

"After two years as a GRC, the GDC position provided a great opportunity to maintain a connection with student life and students while living off campus. While it's been different to not work as closely with the R.A.s, I have loved working with my four desk coordinators. This is a unique job position on campus - it requires a lot of organization and professionalism to manage a staff of 193 students. Participating in student life's training provided me with a sound knowledge base on topics like giving feedback and managing a staff - skills that this position definitely requires!"

Corey M.

"My experiences as GRC have helped me develop better communication and helping skills as I work with students through a variety of challenges. One of the greatest things about working as a GRC has been the great support system I have gained through my fellow GRCs and administrative staff. Overall, working as a GOC has greatly aided in my adjustment to graduate school as well as provided me with experiences that will enhance my knowledge and skill development in the Psy.D. program at Loyola University Maryland!"