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Desk Staff

Desk Assistants

  • The Desk Staff operations provide three major functions for the residence facilities. They are security, safety and service.
  • The Safety and Security of the residence hall and apartment students and their guests is a major responsibility of the Desk Staff. Desk Assistants play an integral role in the security of our buildings and the safety of residents.
  • Respond to crisis events by calling the appropriate Loyola staff (Resident Assistants, Graduate Residence Coordinators, Assistant Directors, Campus Police or any other staff as needed).
  • Be concerned and aware of the residents' personal and public safety.
  • Alert the appropriate person to any irregular activity that may occur in a timely manner.
  • Report any emergency environmental problems to Public Safety at x5010 and record them in the duty log.
  • All Desk Assistants must consistently enforce the Residence Hall Entry Policy.
  • The Desk Staff also provide a service as an informational person for all resident students, the Loyola Community, and visitors to the University. The service function involves the following:
    • Telephone information
    • General information
    • Guest log
  • Desk Assistant Expectations include:
    • Working hours will be 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are broken into 4 hour shifts 
      • 8:00AM-12:00PM
      • 12:00PM-4:00PM
      • 4:00PM-8:00PM
      • 8:00PM-12:00AM
      • 12:00AM-4:00AM
      • 4:00AM-8:00AM
    • The desk is in operation through exam week; until the halls close for breaks or the semester. DAs are expected to work two shifts per week, 1 day and 1 night shift (8 hours total).   All DAs must work a rotating weekend and late night/morning schedule. DAs are required to rotate closing and opening desks for holidays and breaks through the academic year.
    • Desk Assistants must be punctual at all times. Report to the desk on time for your shift.
    • Clock in and out using the Time Clocks that are located in each building. Also verify hours in the log book (see “Daily Procedures”)
    • Tardiness for a shift without notifying the DC or GRC will be in violation of your duties; the first violation will lead to one semester probation and the second to termination.
    • Desk Assistants are responsible for fulfilling scheduled shifts. Desk Assistants are responsible for finding another Desk Assistant to substitute in the event you are unable to work.
    • Laptops and/or study materials may be brought to the desk but should not interfere with your job performance or responsibilities. Head phones are not permitted at the desk at any time, and anything being watched or listened to should be appropriate nature.
    • Desk Assistant must stay at his/her post at all times.
    • No personal guests/visitors are allowed while the DA is on duty (including in front of the desk or behind the desk.)
    • If there is an individual in violation of policy that leaves the lobby area, call the RA on duty for assistance or call Public Safety.
    • Desk Staff may not use alcohol/ mind-altering drugs while on duty. You may not report for duty while under the influence of such substances even if you are 21 years of age.
    • All Desk Assistant are Student Life staff members and should abide by all Student Life rules and regulations and govern themselves accordingly.
    • Violations of these rules and regulations may result in probation or termination from the Desk Assistant position.
    • Desk Assistants are required to sign an agreement at the beginning of their employment and will be evaluated by their DC during their employment period.  Unsatisfactory work could result in termination from the desk. Desk Coordinators/Graduate Desk Coordinator will use the lobby camera system to monitor desk staff. Weekly monitoring will occur and appropriate job action will be taken if staff member is not following policies and protocol.
    • Desk Assistants should report for their shifts in appropriate apparel. 
    • No sleeping is allowed while on duty at the desk. Sleeping while on duty may result in immediate termination of employment.
    • Desk Assistants should not allow anything or anyone to interfere with effective performance of their duties (visitors, television, movies, music, personal calls, etc.).
    •  Resident Assistants, when assuming desk duty, are expected to abide by all Desk Assistant regulations.
    • Attend Desk Assistant scheduling meetings. Failure to attend training and meetings may result in employment probation or termination.
    • Respond to emergency situations in the proper manner (Phone calls and paperwork).
    • Desk Assistant are required to be polite and respectful to all students and guests entering the building. If individuals are rude or disrespectful to you as a desk assistant- please notify the DC, GRC, or Assistant Director immediately at via email.
  • Desk Assistant Eligibility 
    • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application and throughout service in the position.
    • Students must be in good judicial standing.
    • Must be a full-time, undergraduate student.
    • A completed Desk Staff application on file at the Office of Student Life (link below)

Apply Online for the Desk Assistant Position

Desk Coordinators

  • Each Desk Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing 2 desks with a total of 42 Desk Assistants. The desks are paired as follows: Butler/ Hammerman, Campion (North and South), Newman (East and West), Flannery O’Connor (1st and 2nd Floor). Hopkins Desk will be supervised by the Graduate Desk Coordinator.
  • DCs are expected to arrive on campus prior to the beginning of the school year in order to participate in desk training. DCs are also expected to remain on campus as long as the residence halls are open. This calendar is available on Loyola’s website.
  • The DC will be in constant communication with the Student Life contact person. This person will be a Graduate Resident Coordinator and/or an Assistant Director.  The purpose of this dialogue is to keep the contact person informed of new hires, terminations, problems, praises, questions, or ideas to improve the desk.
  • DCs are expected to be a presence at the desks they supervise, therefore preference will be given to candidates who live in the same residential area as the desk they supervise. It is expected that Desk Coordinators will make regular visits to the desks they supervise.
  • It is the responsibility of the DC to assist in the hiring process of DAs.
  • The DC is expected to utilize problem solving skills to approach difficult situations that may occur (i.e. managing a staff a peers; making hiring and termination decisions).
  • The DC is responsible for scheduling, coordinating and facilitating meetings with DAs each month.
  • The DC is required to perform administrative tasks.  Examples of administrative details include hiring, training staff, assisting with payroll, overseeing shift schedules and sending phone mail/email reminders to staff.
  • The DC will also be required to participate in the DA schedule rotation. Hence, the DC must adhere to all DA qualifications, responsibilities and terms of employment.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Office of Student Life.

All Desk Coordinator Roles are filled for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

For questions and concerns about Desk Operations, please contact the Graduate Coordinator for Desk Operations, Patrice O'Donnell at pmodonnell@loyola.edu