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Peer Educators

The Loyola Peer Educators are students who are trained to educate and heighten the awareness of the Loyola Community on various wellness issues. There are five different types of Peer Educators and each group is lead by a moderator from a branch of the Student Development Division.

The types of Peer Educators are:

Pathways to Peer Leadership

Pathways to Peer Leadership is designed for first year students to start off their Loyola career as leaders, while acclimating to the Loyola and Baltimore community. Pathways to Peer Leadership is a certification training program which trains the principles of peer education, listening skills, responding and referral skills, reducing high risk behaviors, confrontation skills, presenting and programming skills, and personal care. At the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to become Certified Peer Educators through the Bacchus Network.

  • Moderator: Tim Cherney, Associate Director of Student & Staff Development at tdcherney@loyola.edu or call  410-617-2339.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT)

ADAPT is a peer education group committed to empowering, educating and creating change among our peers and our community. ADAPT is not opposed to alcohol use, just alcohol misuse and works to increase awareness about wellness issues related to alcohol and other drug use. ADAPT peer educators believe in educating and empowering peers to make healthy choices and decisions and are involved in the development and presentation of alcohol and other drug awareness presentations in classrooms and residence halls. The group also plans several campus-wide education and social programs throughout the school year.

  • Moderator: Zachary Hitchens, Associate Director of Alcohol and Drug Education Support Services at zthitchens@loyola.edu or call the ADESS 410-617-2928.
  • Student Coordinators:

Diversity Peer Educators (DPE)

DPEs work very closely with ALANA Services to address issues relating to diversity, multiculturalism, and race issues. DPEs strive to promote diversity education and awareness through discussion, film presentations, and programs focusing on race, gender, sexual identity, and physical and mental disabilities.

  • Moderator: Cristina Garcia, Assistant Director of ALANA, 410-617-2134 or cgarcia@loyola.edu
  • Student Coordinators:

Student Career Educators (SCE)

SCEs serve as liaisons between the Career Center and the student population. Responsibilities of SCEs are to assist students who visit the Career Center in locating and utilizing appropriate resources, and to share information about upcoming career programs/workshops. In addition, SCEs conduct “house programs” for students in the residence halls as requested on topics such as resume development and the job search process. SCEs assist with the marketing and logistical aspects of career fairs, workshops, and other programming efforts. These students also have the potential to initiate new and innovative ways to increase student use of Career Center programs and resources. In addition, SCEs will provide input on how to improve the Career Center’s programs and services.

  • Moderator: Allie Pearlman Sax, Assistant Director of the Career Center, 410-617-2331 or aapearlmansax@loyola.edu
  • Student Coordinator: 

For More Information

If you are interested in becoming a peer educator or having a peer educator assist you in programming, please contact Tim Cherney, Associate Director of Student Life for Student and Staff Development at ext. 2339. If you are interested in having the Peer Educators assist you in programming, please contact Tim via email at tdcherney@loyola.edu.