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The RHA Executive Board

Executive Board Information

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board, led by the Executive President, provides overall leadership and direction for RHA. The officers oversee RHA's large social events and coordinate support across RHA membership for policy and advocacy initiatives while serving as a resource and support for Area Leadership Teams. Officers are elected by the Full Board during the spring semester or when positions become available.

2018-2019 Executive Board Members

Amanda Stankiewicz

Executive President
Class of 2019

The Executive President provides the overall direction and leadership to RHA and serves as the official spokesperson for RHA and all resident students at Loyola. The position calls and chairs all RHA meetings and prepares agendas for such meetings along with meeting weekly with the RHA Advisor, an Assistant Director of Student Life. The Executive President assists the Vice President for Social Affairs with organizing and planning campus-wide events and coordinates with the Vice President for Policy in assisting the Office of Student Life with staying in touch with resident concerns. The Executive President delegates responsibilities in order to achieve the mission and goals of RHA and helps board members effectively achieve their individual duties by providing resources and support. This person executes and upholds all provisions of the RHA Constitution and oversees elections for Executive and Full Board membership.

Carmen Machalek

Vice President for Policy
Class of 2019

The Vice President for Policy serves as the Executive President's chief officer on all policy matters and resident concerns about anything from campus security to dining problems. This VP oversees the Policy Committee which is comprised of one president or vice president from each area. The VP for Policy addresses student concerns to the Director of Student Life through the Executive President and assists Area Leadership Teams in solving internal problems and concerns. This position maintains the Constitution of RHA and serves as parliamentarian able to answer any questions regarding procedure. 

Meghan Parry

Vice President for Social Affairs
Class of 2019 

The Vice President serves as the Executive President's chief officer on all social programming matters and creates a calendar of campus-wide RHA sponsored events for the academic year. This VP is responsible for the planning and execution of all major social events sponsored by RHA and as such coordinates with the Treasurer and VP for Administration regarding contracts and services. This position coordinates with the Director of Public Relations concerning all advertising and publicity for RHA events. The VP for Social Affairs serves as a support and advisor for Area Presidents when planning smaller area events all within the goal of improving the social life of students on campus.

Caitlin Curtin

Vice President for Administration
Class of 2019

The Vice President for Administration represents RHA to all outside vendors and companies and serves as the coordinator of logistical and administrative functions for RHA by connecting the Treasurer, Historian, and Director of Public Relations. She coordinates the administrative branch of RHA to support social and policy committees and makes room reservations for RHA needs. This position maintains all administrative files from the academic year, including agendas, training materials, area president report forms, event report forms, and other pertinent correspondence. 

Rachel Turrisi

National Communications Coordinator 
Class of 2020 

The Vice President of Policy also serves as Loyola's representative to NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) and CAACURH (Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls). They will utilize NACURH and CAACURH resources in order to improve the residential life at Loyola. They attend with Loyola’s delegation the annual CAACURH conference and serves as Loyola’s official vote on regional and national initiatives. Additionally, they are responsible for keeping Loyola's RHA updated on regional and national issues.

Erin O'Connor

Class of 2020

The Treasurer serves as the chief financial officer for RHA and maintains overall responsibility for the financial management of both the Executive Board and Area Leadership Teams. They are responsible for approval of all RHA transactions and works with the President, VP for Administration, and Advisor to create a budget for all RHA expenditures. The Treasurer maintains accurate and detailed records of all deposits, expenditures, receipts, and fund request forms. They provide a monthly budget report to the Full Board and reviews with the Advisor all fund requests from campus organizations. 

Hannah Machon / Kristen Sileo

Director of Public Relations
Class of 2019
hemachon@loyola.edu / kasileo@loyola.edu

The Director of Public Relations oversees the planning and execution of all electronic public relations activities the Executive Board undertakes. This position works closely with the Executive President, VP for Administration, and the VP for Social Affairs to publicize and create awareness of RHA major events and Area Leadership team programs to the campus community by designing posters and flyers. The Director of PR works to communicate with the campus regarding events that RHA is sponsoring as well as designing electronic flyers and using technology to raise awareness about RHA. They maintain all social media accounts, including the RHA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The Director also works to maintain the RHA website so the campus community can easily access information regarding our current and future events.  This person also provides support and guidance to Area Leadership Teams when advertising area events.

Sawyer Scott

Class of 2019 

The Historian records minutes of all RHA meetings and keeps accurate attendance records of those meetings. They report and distribute minutes following the meetings and creates the standards and processes for board members to complete required and requested reports. The Historian oversees the collection of documentation of programs including notes, photos, feedback, etc., and creates and maintains archives of RHA records.

Patrick Bradley

Collaboration Coordinator 
Class of 2019

The Collaboration Coordinator is the connection-maker between other Loyola clubs and organizations. They collaborate with other clubs and organizations on campus to better the Loyola Community. They request collaboration or fund requests to other clubs and organizations on campus. They are to serve as the liaison between the RHA and the Student Government Association by attending their open meetings. The Collaboration Coordinator facilitates conversations, collaboration, and joint-progress toward ensuring a high standard of living and the building of community for resident students.

Conor Hannan

Sustainability Representative
Class of 2019

The sustainability committee representative serves as an ambassador of both the Residence Hall Association, as well as the student body in general on the university’s sustainability committee, where they work with the other committee members to implement the newly drafted climate action plan. In addition to their role on the committee, the sustainability representative works to make RHA and other residence hall events more environmentally friendly, promotes sustainability issues around campus, and assists executive and full board members with promoting a safe, supportive and more welcoming community on campus. 

Alicia Monaco / Morgan Davis

Director of Diversity 
Class of 2020
almonaco@loyola.edu / mtdavis@loyola.edu

The Director of Diversity strives to continuously make RHA a more inclusive club on campus. They facilities conversations within the club, and on campus about becoming more inclusive and constantly striving to become more accepting of others. The Director of Diversity makes sure that the Loyola Community is represented fully within the RHA organization. 

Andy Braun

RA Liaison

The RA Liaisons serve as a connection between RHA leadership and Student Life Resident Assistants. They work closely with RHA regarding the role of RAs and the role of RHA in promoting healthy communities for residents. One liaison serves on the Social Committee and the other on the Policy Committee.

Abbas Hill

Executive Board Advisor
Associate Director of Student Life 

The Executive Board Advisor works closely with the Executive President in providing insights and administrative oversight of RHA functions, initiatives, and goals. The Advisor updates Student Life professional staff on RHA efforts and supervises the Graduate Residence Coordinators who advise Area Leadership Teams.