Loyola University Maryland

Student Life

RHA Fundraisers

The RHA, in conjunction with On-Campus Marketing and Student Advantage, offers the following programs to provide a helpful service to parents and students. All proceeds go directly back to programming efforts in the campus residence halls.

Care Packages

The Collegiate Care Package Program is offered throughout the academic year. Parents of students have the opportunity to send a pack filled with snacks and goodies to their students. Parents can go online to http://www.ocm.com/lom to purchase different care packages during the year. This program also includes the opportunity to purchase a Student Advantage® Discount Card (see below).

Residence Hall Linen Programs

Residence Hall Linens (available to incoming first-years during the summer) gives parents and families the opportunity to purchase the extra-long linens needed to fit residence hall beds.Through this easy and affordable program, families can have the linens and accessories shipped directly to their homes over the summer.

Student Advantage Program

The Student Advantage® Discount Card is the nation’s most widely accepted discount program for students. The card provides students with exclusive discounts of up to 50% off at more than 15,000 locations around campus, online and at many national businesses. Sample businesses include, Amtrak®, Loews Cineplex Entertainment Theaters and A/X Armani Exchange. Complimenting the Card is studentadvantage.com, a guide to discounts, special promotions and a complete list of where to save with the Card. A one year Card is valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. Incoming first-year students can also purchase special four year cards, valid for 48 months, which gives students access to discounts throughout their college years without having to renew their benefits. Members of the academic community (part time and full time students, undergraduates and graduates, international students visiting, studying or working in the U.S., staff, full-time and part-time faculty, and administrators) who are 16 years old or older are eligible to purchase a Student Advantage Discount Card. Information about purchasing a card is found on the Welcome Care Package order form.

Diploma Display

Research indicates that the longer a diploma goes unframed, the more likely it is to stay that way. Don't let this happen to your hard-earned diploma. Diploma Display frames are the best way to showcase your hard work and school pride. Their diploma frames are exclusively designed for Loyola University Maryland and made of the finest imported hardwoods. Diploma Display frames are cherry stained and lacquered for a classic look that lasts.