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Requesting Funds

In an effort to promote and support programming campus-wide for the benefit of residential students, the Residence Hall Association gladly accepts requests for funds from all official Loyola University Maryland clubs, departments, and organizations. Please contact the RHA Treasurer if you have any questions.

Procedure for requesting funds

  • Once a program is organized (what, when, and where), submit a Request for Funds Form with the required information.
  • The Treasurer will contact you if more information is required.
  • The RHA Executive Board meets every week to review the requests that have been submitted.
  • Once a decision on what amount, if any, RHA will contribute to your event, the RHA Treasurer will contact you to set up a disbursement plan.
  • Copies of receipts verifying how the funds were spent should be turned into the Treasurer within one week of the conclusion of the event. 

Factors that are generally considered include: 

  • The number of people the program will benefit;
  • Whether or not the event contributes to the mission of RHA;
  • Whether RHA is a co-sponsor of the event;
  • Previous financial support from RHA for the same residence hall area/organization;
  • Availability of other funding options are available for a particular program;
  • Price, if any, students are being asked to contribute money to the event as well;
  • If the event conflicts with or is similar to another Loyola-sponsored program.

Fund Request Form