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Summer 2020 Student Staff Positions

Please read the description of available positions below before completing the application.

Resident Assistant

  • The Summer Resident Assistants (RAs) are employed from Early May through Early September. Summer RAs will move into their summer placements as soon as it is ready, and confirmation has communicated from Housing Operations.
  • Summer RAs must be in good academic standing, having a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.
  • Summer RAs must attend the mandatory Summer RA Training to be held in April 2020. (Dates TBD)
  • Summer RAs may not have any outside commitments exceeding 20 hours per week, unless approved by the Office of Student Life. Summer RAs should be aware that, other than classes, additional internships, jobs, extracurricular activities, etc. must be arranged around the Summer RA schedule. Individuals with fulltime summer jobs or internships must be given special approval by the Office of Student Life to be a Summer RA. Summer RAs are expected to submit their summer class schedule and outside activities schedule with their application for employment. 

    *If schedules are still being solidified at the time the application is due, please note that in your application and be prepared to discuss your potential plans at the time of your interview.

  • Summer RAs will work 8-10 hours per week within the Office of Student Life and during work hours for housing operations or for a specific Student Life focus area.
  • Their direct report (functional supervisor) will be the Student Life Program Assistant or the supervising Assistant Director (AD) of their relative focus area.
  • Summer RAs will report to the Student Life Program Assistant during office hours and are responsible for answering the telephone, performing administrative tasks, answering housing questions, and taking care of day-to-day office needs as assigned by any professional staff member.
  • Office shifts are assigned by the Student Life Program Assistant, however daily location placements may be changed by a member of the Housing Operations staff. Summer RAs are expected to submit their summer class schedule and outside activities schedule. This will be due during the application process or when interviewed.

Summer RAs are expected to foster a sense of community on the floor and develop positive relationships with residents. This cannot be accomplished without spending an adequate amount of time within the residence hall. It is expected that the Summer RA will not be away for more than one weekend out of the month. In addition, all lengthy vacation plans must be approved by the Office of Student Life prior to summer employment.
*If any such plans are being formulated during the summer, the RA must have a conversation with the Summer Housing GRC to approve the plans at least 2 weeks in advance (the more advance notice given, the better the chances for approval, but approval is not guaranteed in any circumstance)

  • Summer RAs are expected to be present during Summer I session and Summer II session openings and closings as well as the summer to fall transition days to fulfill all assigned responsibilities associated with openings and closings. (Dates TBD)
  • All Summer RAs are required to be on campus and maintain a presence during the nights of Orientation. (Dates TBD)
  • Summer RAs are required to participate in weekly duty assignments. This includes:
    • Staying in Campion between 8 PM and 8 AM on assigned duty nights.
    • Completing rounds at 9 PM and 11 PM on weeknights (Sunday through Wednesday) and at 9 PM, 11 PM and 1 AM on weekends (Thursday through Saturday).Upon completion of each round, Summer RAs are expected to complete the appropriate portion of the duty log, noting any maintenance issues, lock outs, and policy violations.
    • Submit duty switch paper work to the RA Supervisor 48 hours in advance of duty switch.
  • Summer RAs must make door decorations for each resident on the floor at the start of the summer, maintain the door decorations and change the door decorations as appropriate in accordance with housing changes.
  • Summer RAs are responsible for changing the bulletin boards once per summer session.
  • Summer RAs are expected to attend weekly one on one meetings with the Summer Supervisor to discuss upcoming programs, residential concerns, and other related issues.
  • Summer RAs are expected to attend, participate, and be attentive during bi-weekly staff meetings.
  • Summer RAs are expected to conduct room inspections during Summer I and Summer II
  • Summer RAs are expected to participate in a discussion of their performance evaluation at the middle and end of the summer with the Summer Supervisor to review summer job performance.
  • Summer RAs are expected to respond to all emails from Student Life staff members within 24 hours of being sent unless previously notifying the Summer Supervisor and/or other Student Life staff members of extenuating circumstances.
  • Summer RAs are expected to complete any assigned paperwork, administrative tasks, and any additional job responsibilities as dictated by the Summer Supervisor and AD in an appropriate and timely manner. In addition, they are expected to provide assistance to the Office of Student Life with administrative tasks when necessary.
  • Summer RAs are expected to abide by as well as enforce the Community Standards, confronting and documenting all violations of the Student Code of Conduct appropriately.
  • Summer RAs are expected to show respect to the supervising AD, fellow RAs, other Student Life staff members, and residents and be a cooperative team member.


Interested in a 2020 Summer RA position, email SLjobs@loyola.edu!