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Room Changes

Room Changes to a different suite or apartment are generally not permitted outside of the move week period. Move week is the only open move period of the semester and follows a specific format. We encourage students who are having roommate concerns to work with their roommates so an amicable solution may be found for both parties. In addition, residents can also utilize their Resident Assistant (RA) and other staff in their area to help them navigate their specific challenges.

Switching bedrooms within same apartment/suite?

In order to switch bedrooms within the same apartment or suite, students must email Student Life with the request. All roommates must be copied on the email so our office know everyone in the apartment/suite is in agreement with the requested changes. Students who do not follow these guidelines for an approved move will incur a $50 administrative processing fee. Please follow the format listed below:

To: Teisha Miles

CC: list all roommates in the apartment/suite even if they are not changing spaces

Subject: Room Switch Request


We would like to request a room switch within our apartment/suite (list specific building and room number).

The new room assignments will be:

Bedroom A: list new roommates in this room

Bedroom B: list new roommates in this room

Bedroom C: list new roommates in this room

Add any additional bedrooms in your apartment/suite if applicable 


  1. Your request will not be processed unless ALL students living in the suite/apartment are CCd on the email. 
  2. Please be sure to use all students' full names in the email to expedite the process. 
  3. All roommates who will be switched to a new space will need to reply all to this email with their consent. "I agree" will be sufficient. 
  4. Once your request has been received and processed, all students in the apartment/suite will receive a confirmation email that the move has been processed.
    • Please note that students should not move spaces without receiving confirmation from the Office of Student Life first.

Move Week

Move Week is the only open move period of the semester.  Students who wish to move should read the following information carefully. Specific dates for the semester will be published when available. Move Week information is also emailed to students' Loyola email address. To participate in Move Week for Spring 2018, residents must have completed Phase I of the 2018-2019 Housing Selection Process.

Pull-In Day & Direct Room Swaps- Monday, January 29, 2018

Any resident who has a vacancy and has identified the person they wish to fill that vacancy, will need to come to the Office of Student Life, along with the individual they wish to have move in  and to register the move.

Any residents who want to have a direct room swap, where two residents from different rooms swap spaces with one another, need to register their move by coming to the Office of Student Life together.

Open Move Period- Wednesday, January 31, 2018 to Friday, February 2, 2018

Any resident who wishes to move to another place on campus can do so during this period.  In order to register your move, the individual wanting to move needs to come to the Office of Student Life.  Any resident who is having difficulty finding a new room should come to the Office of Student Life so our staff can assist you.

It is your responsibility to meet any potential roommates of rooms you are considering (if you wish to do so). Many residents with vacancies have completed Roommate Profile Sheets which are available in the Office of Student Life so you can learn more about those residents and their rooms. All moves must be registered in the Office of Student Life before you move. 

A complete move includes:

  1. Completing Phase I of 2018-2019 Housing Selection Process.
  2. Checking-out with your present RA, completing the move-out portion of your RCR and turning-in your key to Student Life (Seton 08B).
  3. Checking-in with your new RA, picking-up your new key at Student Life (Seton 08B), and completing an RCR for your new room.
  4. Vacancies are typically updated everyday at 6:00pm. Use the following like to view vacancies: https://inside.loyola.edu/departments/dept-stlf/ra_communications/resident_students/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

**First-year students may move into any Campion Tower Floors 5-9, Flannery O'Connor Hall, Hopkins Court, or Butler/Hammerman spaces only.

Questions about Move Week may be directed to The Office of Student Life at 410-617-5081 or email Student Life.

Move Week Vacancies (typically updated by 6pm daily during Move Week)

Wanting to move to a new room outside of the move week period

Student Life does not typically permit moves to a new space outside of the move week period. Please read the following information very carefully so that you understand the process.

Talk to your Resident Assistant (RA)

  • Your RA will provide you with information about your options for resolving the room issue/s you are currently having; including conflict coaching/facilitated dialogue and tips for talking with roommates.
  • At this time, you may choose to approach your roommate/s on your own.

Roommate meeting (can include your RA depending on your level of comfort)

  • This is an opportunity to revisit the Roommate Agreement Form and consult all roommates for possible updates to this document. You should be prepared with any edits you may want to see on the document but you should also be prepared to compromise with your roommates. 
  • Your RA can facilitate this discussion between you and your roommates, in which there is an opportunity for everyone involved to express thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the room situation. This is also your opportunity to express new preferences and develop new boundaries for your room in consultation with all of your roommates as a group.

Talk to your Graduate Resident Coordinator/Assistant Director (GRC/AD)

  • If there is no consensus or there is dissatisfaction after the meeting with your roommates and RA, set up a meeting with your GRC/AD to discuss your concerns. 
  • In most instances, the GRC/AD will revisit the discussion with you and all of your roommates. Sometimes, area staff may choose to meet with the other roommates separately before the group meeting to gain understanding of  their perspectives; please be prepared for this possibility.

If your GRC/AD believes that a room change is appropriate, they will provide you with a Room Change Form that must be completed before the process can begin.

***NOTE: this is contingent upon the availability of vacant spaces***

  • Bring the Room Change Form to the Office of Student Life in Seton Court 08B and the Housing Operations staff will work with you.
  • Once you bring the form to the Office of Student Life, you will be provided with a list of vacancies and the profile information for the current residents of that room.
  • After you decide on a new space, the following steps must be completed to ensure a successful move
    • Obtain your new key
    • Obtain card access to new building (if applicable)
    • Move out of your old room within time designated by Housing Operations staff (set up appointment with old Resident Assistant to inspect your room prior to returning your key)
    • Return your old key to the Student Life office (failure to return your key by the deadline set will result in a $100 rekey charge)
    • Check into your new space with your RA (update the Room Condition Report as needed to avoid being billed for preexisting damages at the end of the year).

Helpful Tips

  • Room changes are viewed as the last option in the case of a roommate conflict.
  • Please keep in mind that Area staff and Student Life office staff typically work between the hours of 8:30am-5pm. If you attempt to contact staff outside of these hours (whether through email, phone, etc.) they will respond to you usually within the next business day.
  • The Office of Student Life cannot guarantee the bed space type or specific building location for mid-semester moves.