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Residence Halls Policies and Procedures

Seasonal and Celebratory Decorations Guidelines for Usage in On-Campus Housing

If you choose to decorate your residence hall room/apartment/suite with seasonal and/or celebratory decorations, listed below are guidelines for your safety and that of community members. Please remember all policies and procedures in the Community Standards apply. If you have questions regarding any guidelines, please contact the Office of Student Life at (410) 617-5081.


  1. Common areas, hallways, or corridors of residential buildings should not be decorated without the approval and participation of their hall staff (Resident Assistants, Graduate Residence Coordinators, and/or Assistant Director of Student Life for the Residential Area). If wanting to decorate a balcony in McAuley, students are to consult in advance for approval with a Graduate Residence Coordinator or Assistant Director of Student Life for the Eastside area.
  2. All hallways, corridors, doorways, balconies, and exits are to remain free from obstruction (this includes pre-packaged spider-webbing). Additionally, residents are to refrain from placing decorations on the floor that may impede walking or egress from any residential area.
  3. Prohibited items that are inherently considered fire safety hazards include: candles, open flames, live garland, fog/smoke machines, live/cut trees, greenery, leafs, twigs, bamboo, branches, straw, and hay.
  4. Fire safety/emergency/security equipment (i.e., exit signs, pull stations, notification equipment, and extinguishers) is to remain uncovered and clear of obstructions. Do not drape or attach decorations to these items.
  5. Using detergent directly on walls or carpet is not permitted. Any associated spills may result in damage and cleaning charges being billed to the resident.
  6. All electric or battery operated lights must be attended to at all times. This also means seasonal/celebratory lights should not be left on while sleeping. Use of a timer is recommended.
  7. All combustible items must be flame retardant or treated with flame retardant solution.
  8. Trash bags, newspapers, and toilet paper are not to be used for decorating purposes.
  9. The use of surge protectors or surge suppressors are highly encouraged for electric devices.
  10. Seasonal/celebratory decorations should be taken down by the end of each semester.
  11. Only artificial trees are permitted in residence halls.


For more information, please see the Loyola University Maryland Community Standards.