Loyola University Maryland

Student Life


The following section describes information regarding misconduct for which undergraduate and graduate students may be held accountable. The University may hold students accountable through the University student conduct process for any actions listed or for comparable actions not specifically listed. The influence of drugs or alcohol will not in any way mitigate the consequences of inappropriate behavior or limit the responsibility of individuals involved. A student attending a University function or living or visiting in the area surrounding the University or on Loyola-owned or leased property (including but not limited to the Evergreen campus, FAC, and Ridley Athletic Complex) is subject to the same standards of conduct expected on campus. Likewise, students are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times.

Students are expected to be honest and forthcoming during all student conduct inquiries and proceedings. Truthful testimony will be taken into consideration at the time of sanctioning. Students with pending conduct charges who leave the campus temporarily (e.g., study abroad, medical withdrawal, leave of absence) will be required to participate in the student conduct process prior to leaving or upon their return to the campus. The Student Code of Conduct is effective throughout the calendar year even when classes are not in session due to break periods or summer sessions, when students are on a leave of absence, when students are participating in a study abroad program or University-sponsored trip/event, or when the University is closed.

Loyola University Maryland uses a preponderance of the evidence standard to evaluate all alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct.