Loyola University Maryland


Stream Clean

Stony Run Stream stretches 3.3 miles south and winds through 15 Baltimore neighborhoods before it joins the Jones Falls.  The Evergreen Campus is part of the 40 square mile urban and suburban land that drains water into the Jones Falls Watershed, and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay.  

One half mile of Stony Run Stream travels along the outer edge of the Evergreen Campus. With this critical water source so close to home, we must take extra care to reduce litter and chemical application on our grounds. Even when we are extra careful, waste items destined for the landfill or recycling are carried by wind and water into our precious water way. 

Loyola Sustainability invites you to be a Stony Run Steward by volunteering to help clean up our stream! 

Students using trash grabber on log

Students picking up litter

Student Picking Up Plastic

Upcoming Stream Cleans:  

  • Saturday November 16 10am-12pm. Sign up.

Our Impact:

On Saturday October 12th, 24 community members volunteered to help remove litter from the Stony Run Stream and its surrounding banks. In just two hours, they filled up 11 bags with litter. Thank you to all the participants for your amazing effort and dedication to keeping our stream clean!

See our infographic and photos below for some of the items that were collected:

stream clean inforgraphic

Reusable bag filled with litter

Plastic Litter Pieces Floating in Stream

Sharps bucket for hazardous materials