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COVID19 Update: Loyola Recycles

COVID-19: Central Waste Collection Points  




Facilities Management is working to increase the efficiency of cleaning operations and reduce the number of touch points in offices and classrooms across campus. Environmental Services staff will be increasing sanitizing touch points across campus (e.g. door handles, railings, elevator buttons, furniture, etc.) and the servicing of both common and public area restrooms and other high touch spaces (e.g. locker rooms, classrooms, labs, etc.). In order to support this important shift in operations, waste and recycling collection and services will be centralized.  


What’s new 

  • Central waste and recycling collection points will be established in department suites, classrooms, corridors, entryways and kitchen areas. 
  • Desk side containers will be removed from individual offices. 
  • Waste containers will still be available in all restrooms and other spaces with specific needs (e.g. labs, health center).  

How it works 

  • Desk-side waste and recycling collection services will no longer be offered.
  • Faculty, staff and students are asked to please visit the nearest central collection point to sort and dispose of all waste.
  • Only containers in central collection points and other need specific containers will be serviced by facilities staff.  

More Resources   


Loyola Recycles! Please continue to sort your recyclables from general waste items at the central collection point. Please recycle ONLY clean and dry bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.  



If you have questions or require an accommodation, please submit a service request at Loyola.edu/sr or call x2200 for further assistance.