Loyola University Maryland


Sustainability Logo Database

Below you will find a collection of the sustainability logos that are present around campus.

Go Green and Grey Logo

This logo is on a lot of the sustainability t shirts and is present on our social media sites. While this logo is not the official logo of Loyola sustainability, it’s a fun reminder that Greyhounds are Greenhounds!

Go Green

Loyola Recycles Logo

You’ll see this logo on our new Max-R recycling bins in the student center! This logo reminds our community members that Loyola is dedicated to establishing an effective recycling plan and indicates places on campus where people are able to recycle their items. 

Loyola Recycles

Loyola Unplugged

This is the official logo for the Loyola Unplugged energy conservation competition. Loyola Unplugged runs annually in the spring semester and encourages the Loyola community to reduce their energy use.

Loyola Unplugged

Greyhounds Go Green Logo

This is the official logo for the Greyhounds Go Green movement, a student, faculty, and staff movement that meets periodically to discuss sustainability issues on campus. You will see this logo at all Greyhounds Go Green events, including the Greyhounds Go Green Festival on Earth Day!

Greyhounds Go Green