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LUMission Mobile App

The LUMission app is now available in the Apple Store. This app offers a window into the Jesuits arriving in America landing in Maryland and provides a historical timeline for our university, Loyola.  The app is the culmination of a team that came together quickly to prepare it for release on Maryland Day, March 23rd.

How it got started…

For the past five years, Louise Finn and Jay Dunmore have worked together on the creation of videos to chronicle the Jesuit History Walk exhibit at St. Joseph’s University.  For Louise, this became her capstone project for the Ignatian Colleague Program (ICP), an 18 month Jesuit Leadership Program that is active across the 28 US based Jesuit colleges and universities.  Louise is one of twelve ICP alumni working at Loyola to further the Jesuit mission and Ignatian values.  Jay is the Director of Greycomm Studios and an award winning videographer.  Together they have worked to bring not only the Jesuit History Walk to life, but also captured the curator of the exhibit, Carmen Croce (St Joseph Press) and the subject matter expert, Fr. John O’Malley.  Along the way, Louise and Jay realized our university plays a rich part in the Jesuits coming to America story and expanded the collection to include the Jesuit arrival in America and the history of Loyola University Maryland.  

Image of Saint Ignatius Loyola and several of his manuscripts
When Vice President and Special Assistant to the President, Robert Kelly, began to plan for the 2018 Maryland Day activities, he learned of Jay’s video work and asked him if he could create a mobile app to put the videos into the hands of everyone on Maryland Day.  Louise had just met two Loyola freshmen, Alex and Grant, that had mobile app development experience.  About the same time, she was introduced to Loyola Computer Science professor, Herve Franceschi, who wanted to mentor a student mobile app club.  

When the idea was pitched, everyone was immediately onboard and went to work.  

The Jesuit Mission - Preserving a Rich Legacy at Loyola from Loyola Mission on Vimeo.

The mobile app is in its infancy, but was designed to continue to grow in content over the coming months and years.  To learn more about how the Jesuits came to America and interesting events in the history of our university, find it in the Apple Store under LUMission.  Coming soon to the Android Store.

Development Team

  • Herve Francheschi – Computer Science Professor and team advisor
  • Alex Santarelli ‘21 – a Computer Science major with an interest in Product Design. On campus he is a University Innovation Fellow. Extra-curricularly I am an Apple WWDC Scholar, developed eight apps on the App Store, founded a company named NoiseHub, placed first in the University of Pennsylvania’s Cyber Security Hackathon, Facebook F8 Student Scholar, and studied over the summer at MIT for iOS Development. 
  • Grant Versfeld ’21 -  a Computer Science and Philosophy major on the Pre-Law track. He is a member of Loyola’s Honors Program, Ad Honorem, University Innovation Fellows, Cybersecurity Club, and is a founding member of the club racquetball team. He is fascinated by the way technology impacts our lives and plans to become a technologist working at the intersection of business and policy.