Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services

Technology Policies, Guidelines, and Standards

Technology Procurement and Disposal Policy
Provides faculty, administrators, staff and non-employees with specific guidelines for University technology purchases. 

Technology Procurement Process

Privacy Policy
Describes information collected from visitors to Loyola's websites and how that information is used.

Information Security Policy
A high-level policy for use by all faculty, staff, administrators, consultants, contractors, students and other users of Loyola’s information technology resources.

Custodianship of Electronic Mail Policy*
Defines security practices that will allow the University to comply with applicable regulations, laws, and policies regarding the protection of certain types of electronic data.

Datacenter Physical Access Policy
Defines which members of the University have the need to access the Datacenters, how that access will be controlled, and provides rules governing use and conduct while within the Datacenters.

Policy on Unauthorized Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Defines how the University will respond to the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material using the University's network, including the imposition of discipline and penalties for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.

Policy and Guidelines for Messaging to Groups
Manages the volume of messages addressed to our constituents, to ensure that addressed, directed communications to groups of recipients by the University remain reliable.

Two Factor Token Policy
As part of the Duo Security Two Factor Authentication system (“2FA”), Technology Services can issue a Duo “Hardware Token” to users for use in 2FA. This policy defines their issuance and use.

Guidelines for Access to Loyola Online Systems and Resources 
Defines guidelines for issuance and usage of online accounts at Loyola.  

Moodle Use and Guidelines
Provides information regarding the operation and use of the Moodle to promote the successful use of the system, system reliability and safekeeping of the data contained in the system.

Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards
Provides guidance to administrators, faculty, staff, and students for fulfilling Loyola’s commitment to equal access to information technology.