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Cybersecurity Travel Tips

Here are tips to keep your information and computer safe while you’re on the road.

Before traveling:

Complete an inventory of data currently stored on laptop. Remove all sensitive data that is not required for trip including:

  • Student information such as grades, your comments on a student’s work, or any other sensitive information regarding a student.
  • Proprietary information, including unpublished research such as drafts of articles, in-progress projects, data sets, or third-party proprietary information.
  • Institutional data that cannot be recovered if your computer is lost or stolen.
  • Personal information such as tax returns, any social security numbers or health record information on you or a family member.

Complete the following tasks prior to travel:

  • Back up your data and leave a copy of your files in a safe and secure location such as G:/ and H:/ drives.
  • Ensure that your Loyola account has a strong password or passphrase.
  • Password-protect, encrypt, or remove all student, personal and proprietary information stored on your laptop.
  • Turn off file-sharing and print-sharing.
  • Apply all software patches and updates.
  • Ensure that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and personal firewall software is installed on your laptop.

View Outside of an Airplane Window

While traveling:

  • When using a Loyola-issued laptop, please use pre-installed VPN client at all times.
  • Always clear your Internet browser after each use: delete history files, caches, cookies, and temporary internet files.
  • Please use Citrix to access Inside Loyola or any other Loyola-based application.
  • Do not allow foreign portable devices such as USB drives to be connected to laptop.
  • When using public Wi-Fi, do not access any sites sensitive websites that require you to input credentials such as banking sites, etc.

Upon return from travel:

  • Immediately change all your passwords including your voicemail.
  • Please have Technology Services reimage your laptop before connecting to the Loyola network.