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Technology Services

The Loyola Data Security Pack

This summer, Technology Services will introduce new tools in data security. With the increase of malware and viruses present on campus, Technology Services aims to create a safe computing environment with the Loyola Data Security Pack. The components of this pack and additional resources that will be installed on your computer at this time include:

Technology Services will be visiting all administrative departments to reimage each machine, remove administrative access and install the Data Security Pack. The reimaging process will remove all data and software from your local computer - wiping it clean as if it were a new computer. Before your computer is reimaged please back up your data and make note of any programs you use so they may be reinstalled. After the process is complete members of administrative departments will not have access to install programs from the web and instead can use Software Center to install any necessary applications.

Faculty members will receive the Data Security Pack remotely and will not be included in the reimaging process. They will retain administrative rights on their computers, but will also have access to Software Center to install desired programs.

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