Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services

AppLocker, EMET & User Privileges

In order to secure Loyola University information, Technology Services is installing new security features on all Loyola owned Windows-based machines. These programs run invisibly in the background of your computer so you can continue to work without noticing they are there. Every Windows machine on campus will be equipped with Microsoft AppLocker and Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. A standard user privilege will be applied to all administrative machines.

Microsoft AppLocker

AppLocker helps block viruses and malware that attempt to connect to computers through email attachments and links on websites, but does not prevent any existing Loyola software from running. AppLocker will not interfere with any programs installed from Software Center.

Members of administrative departments need to contact the Office of Technology Support to install programs from the web. Faculty members can install programs from the web, but are warned by AppLocker of the possible dangers of the download to avoid installing malware or spyware.

Microsoft EMET

EMET monitors Windows computers for suspicious activity within applications that are commonly targets of malware, such as web browsers (ex. Internet Explorer) and plugins. It can take up to a few weeks for security vulnerabilities to be fixed so EMET will add an extra layer of protection against malicious attacks on our computers. EMET will not monitor your activity on your computer; it will only scan for harmful applications to protect your computer against attacks.

Standard User Privileges

Often viruses and malware can take advantage of people who have administrative privileges on their computers by opening a file or visiting a compromised website. Since people in administrative departments handle a large amount of sensitive data, a standard privilege level will prevent malware from attaching itself to computers and accessing that data.

This also means if people in administrative departments wish to install a new program Software Center must be used to do so. If you need assistance installing a program that is not contained within Software Center please contact the Office of Technology Support for assistance.

The standard user privilege will not be applied to faculty machines at this time since less sensitive data is handled on faculty machines; however Technology Services still recommends using Software Center to install programs to ensure no harmful applications are accidentally installed.