Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services

Current Technology Services Projects

  • Advancement CRM
  • Terra Dotta for International Student Services
  • HRIS Phase II 
  • Office 365 Storage and Collaboration
  • Merchant Service Processing

Advancement CRM

Improved reporting capabilities in alignment with new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). For questions, please contact Jessica Smith.

Terra Dotta for International Student Services

Implement Terra Dotta software for International Student and Scholar Services to automate the process for accepting international students and integrate with Homeland Security’s Immigration system, SEVIS, thereby increasing enrollments, improving the international student experience and ensuring compliance with regulations.. For questions, please contact Gretchen Cannon.


Continuation of the HRIS Reimplementation project focusing on the employee lifecycle and on-boarding process, as well as implementing PeopleAdmin's OnBoard and Records modules. For questions please contact Jessica Smith.

Office 365 Storage and Collaboration

Formerly known as the OneDrive for Business project, the Office 365 Storage and Collaboration project will now focus on implementing a full set of Microsoft tools to facilitate file storage and collaboration. The primary goal is to provide Loyola employees with a single set of tools that the University supports through communication and training. Discussions with colleagues across the University will inform what the file storage and collaboration needs are and ensure that the solution addresses those needs. Data migration will also be part of this project and will include migrating files from on-premise storage (like G Drive, H Drive and Inside Loyola Team Sites) to cloud-hosted Office 365 solutions, including OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams. For questions please contact Gretchen Cannon.

Merchant Service Processing

Procure and implement merchant service credit card processing to handle Loyola’s credit card activities, as well as ensure credit card readers are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. For questions please contact Jessica Smith.