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SQL Conversion

SQL Conversion Project Overview

The purpose of the SQL Conversion project is to continue to modernize our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment.   As a critical step of this long-term strategy, the SQL conversion project will migrate Loyola’s ERP system from a legacy Unidata database to an industry-standard relational SQL database.  This will provide a platform for subsequent innovations and partnerships around our ERP environment in general and reporting environment specifically. 

The move to a SQL database has no impact on Colleague functionality – all functionality remains the same.  We are just changing the underlying database.

Why are we moving to a SQL environment?

  • To be on an industry-standard database platform
  • Improve data integrity
  • Increase ability to integrate with 3rd party systems


High level timeline

Phase 1:  Build Out of SQL Environments in Ellucian Cloud Complete
Phase 2: SQL Colleague Data Migrations
2/11/18 – 2/16/18:   1st Mock Data Migration
2/16/18 – 2/20/18: Internal validation and testing
2/21/18 – 3/16/18:   End User testing

5/20/18 – 5/25/18:  2nd Mock Data Migration
5/20/18:  Snapshot of Colleague Production
5/28/18 – 6/1/18:   Internal testing
6/4/18 – 6/15/18: End User Testing

7/3/18 – 7/8/18:   Live Migration
6/18/18 – 7/20/18:  Code Freeze
7/7/18: End User Testing
7/9/18: Go Live


SQL Live Migration Updates

View the SQL Live Migration Calendar (.pdf)



Please contact the Project Manager, Gretchen Cannon, at gcannon@loyola.edu.