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Migration Complete

An important step in the future of Loyola was taken over the July 4th holiday weekend by moving our Colleague/Web Advisor system, our Inside Loyola portal, and several other associated systems into the cloud.  This effort took almost a year to plan and execute and was supported in various ways by many of you.  As we continue to take the necessary steps to modernize our computing environment, there will be minor pain points along the way.  We are working our way through a list of issues that have been reported as a result of the cloud migration.  We are working with our vendor partners to resolve them as quickly as possible.   In addition, we are reconnecting many downstream systems that exchange data with our Colleague system on a regular basis.  

Thank you for your patience and support during this important initiative!

Reporting Issues

Please report any technical issues with Colleague or related systems to the Help Center, 410-617-5555 or ots@loyola.edu

Current Known Issues

No current known issues to report at this time.

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