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Classroom Computer User Guide

About the classroom computer

The classroom teacher workstations are "all-in-one" computers.  Instead of a separate PC, everything is built into the monitor.  A USB microphone is attached to the computer for use with audio lecture capture.


If the computer is not already powered-on, press the power button located on the front, lower, right hand corner of the monitor. (NOTE: Please logout at the end of use and leave computer powered on).

Front and top view of classroom PC

CD/DVDs & removable media

USB Flash Drives - insert into either of the two USB ports available on the front of the monitor or the two USB 2.0 ports available on the right side.
CD/DVDs -  load into the modular drive also located on the right side of the monitor.

Right view of classroom PC.  DVD drive and 2 USB connectors are available.

Lecture capture microphone

This microphone is already connected to the classroom workstation.  This device is for use with audio lecture capture (Yeti Microphone).  When doing lecture capture, simply select this microphone as the input device and it is capable of recording lectures and discussions in the classroom.  

Note: The image below represents recommended Gain and Pattern settings on the mic for audio capture.  These controls affect volume of the recording in Panopto.  Do not use Volume knob on the front for this function.

Microphone used for lecture capture.  Button on front toggles mute.

Classroom support

Client Services Help Center

In-class help line: 410-617-2255

Normal support line: 410-617-5555