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Connecting an External Video Source

Classrom projectors are able to display from a personal laptop or an external video source, such as a camcorder. If a laptop is to be used, the presenter must connect their machine to the VGA cable, which can be found on top of the teacher's station. When using a camcorder, it must be connected to the VCR via an RCA cable (yellow, white, and red) which should be provided by the user.

Connecting a Laptop

After the Laptop is connected via the VGA cable provided at the teacher's station, use the system remote to select "Laptop" as the source. If no image is displayed on the projector, it is likely because the computer was booted before connecting the VGA cable. To remedy this, lookover the funtion keys at the top of the keyboard for an image which resembles the picture below, it is usually F7 or F8. In close proximity to the shift and ctrl keys, there should be a function key (fn), press and hold this "fn" key when pressing the key just identified. The laptop should now be displayed.

Connecting a Laptop Screenshot

Connecting a Camcorder

A camcorder or similar video source using an RCA connection must be plugged into line input in the front of the VCR. Once powered-on and connected, select "VCR" as the video source using the system remote.

Connecting a Camcorder Screenshot

Next, the VCR's channel must be changed to the input. Using channel +/- buttons (sometimes a wheel) go all the way down below channel 1 until "L-1" is displayed. This is the line-input through which the device is connected, and the image should now be displayed. 

Connecting a Camcorder Screenshot