Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services


Microsoft Office 365

All Loyola email accounts are powered by Microsoft Office 365. Accounts can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook or via Houndmail (Outlook on the Web).

Email Encryption

Learn how to encrypt sensitive data (such as social security or credit card information) to non-Loyola accounts.

Email Signature

Faculty, administrators, and staff should format their email signatures according to the standards outlined by Loyola's Marketing and Communications department.

Prevent Documents from Being Printed or Forwarded

Information Rights Management (IRM) allows individuals to specify access permissions to documents, workbooks, and presentations. This helps prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people. Learn more about IRM.


SPAM is a leading cause of security problems inherent with email. As you use your Loyola email, remember a few things:

  • Never tell anyone your password: No one at Loyola should ever ask for your password, including technology services. Never give your password to anyone over the phone or through email. Technology Services will never ask for your password, ever.
  • Be mindful of who the sender is: All Loyola technology communications will come from the Office of Technology Support (ots@loyola.edu). When asked for information over electronic messages, be mindful of who is asking for it and why. 
  • Be careful of hyperlinks: If the sender of the message is someone you may not know, be careful of clicking on website hyperlinks in the body of the message. If you are unsure of a message that was sent to you, please contact ots@loyola.edu for assistance.