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Email Archiving for Entourage (Mac)

Download and Install

To use email archiving with Entourage, you will need to download the Entourage plug-in.

How do I know if an item has been archived?

Messages older than 60 days are archived. Unfortunately, there is no graphical representation in Entourage that an item has been archived. Usually, a message that has been archived will show as plain text only, without graphics and formatting.

How do I recall messages in the archive?

Simple!  Follow these steps:

  1. Highlight an archived item.
  2. Locate the archive toolbar. If you do not readily see this toolbar, click the system tray icon on the apple menu bar and select "Show Toolbar."
    Screenshot: Entourage Toolbar
  3. Click the "Restore" icon.

Can I search my archive?

Yes!  Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the archive icon on the apple system menu: Screenshot: Entourage Toolbar Icon
  2. Click the archive icon and select "Search Vaults."
    Screenshot: Entourage Search Vault Icon
  3. A web page will load. If you do not readily see this web page, it may have loaded in a window that is already open that is minimized on your Apple Dock.
  4. Enter your Loyola username and password to access your vault.
  5. You can now navigate and perform a search on your archive via this website.
    Screenshot: Entourage Online Vault Search