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File Storage

Always save your data files to your personal OneDrive or departmental H:\ shared drive, as they are backed up regularly. This means that if you accidentally delete a file or your computer fails, it can be restored from nightly backups. Please contact the Help Center for assistance at ext. 5555.

Accessing your OneDrive

OneDrive for Business is Office 365's personal cloud storage, which allows you to store, share, and sync your Loyola University Maryland work files.  Your files will be accessible via the web, on your computer using the OneDrive sync client, or on your mobile device using the OneDrive app.

You can easily access OneDrive from any device, anywhere by selecting OneDrive from: office.loyola.edu

Learn more about OneDrive

Accessing your H:\ Drive

The H:\ drive is a shared network drive. Many departments have one or more folders on the H:\ drive that are accessible to multiple people in the department, or in some cases between people in multiple departments. H:\ drive folders can be useful for sharing documents between users in a department. The H:\ drive is backed up regularly, making it a safe place to store critical documents.

Please note that all H:\ drives will be required to move to Microsoft Teams by the end of 2020.  Starting in March 2020, Technology Services will begin contacting the departments to discuss the process for moving H:\ drives to Microsoft Teams. 

Learn what you can do NOW to prepare

Technology Services is no longer creating new H: \ drives for H:\ drive requests submitted after March 1.  If you require a shared drive for storing files and collaborating, you should create a Team in Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Teams training options on our Office 365 web page: www.loyola.edu/office365 

Off-Campus Access to OneDrive and H:\ Drives

Select OneDrive from office.loyola.edu
• Install Office365 on your personal computer


MyWorkDrive provides access to the H:\ drives from Macs or devices off-campus via the MyWorkDrive web interface or via a mapped drive client.  Learn how to access these drives from a Mac or off-campus:

Installing MyWorkDrive - Loyola Mac

Installing MyWorkDrive - Loyola Windows

Installing MyWorkDrive - Personal Mac

Installing MyWorkDrive - Personal Windows