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File Storage

Always save your data files to your personal G:\ drive or departmental H:\ shared drive, as they are backed up regularly. This means that if you accidentally delete a file or your computer fails, it can be restored from nightly backups. Please contact the OTS for assistance at ext. 5555.

Accessing your "G” Drive"

The G drive is a personal network storage drive. It allows you to save documents on a network drive that is only accessible to you. Loyola strongly encourages employees to save documents on the G drive; it is backed up regularly and accessible from any on-campus computer via your AD login, so you don't have to worry about losing critical data in the event of a hard drive failure or accidental file deletion.

Accessing your “H” Drive

The H drive is a shared network drive. Many departments have one or more folders on the H drive that are accessible to multiple people in the department, or in some cases between people in multiple departments. H drive folders can be useful for sharing documents between users in a department. Like the G drive, H drives are backed up regularly, making them a safe place to store critical documents.

Shared Drive Access

Many departments use shared folders on the H drive to collaborate and share documents in a secure, backed-up environment. Requests for access to a shared folder on the H drive need to be made by an employee's supervisor. Requests can be made by email to ots@loyola.edu or by calling ext. 5555. You will be asked to provide the username of the person needing access, the name of the shared folder, and the username of someone who already has access to that folder.

Secure File Storage

In 2016, Loyola is implementing Secure File Storage. This solution will scan employees’ G and H drives and move documents identified to contain highly sensitive data to a secure location within Loyola Workspace.

Learn about Secure File Storage

Off-Campus Access to "G" and "H" Drives


The G: and H: Drives are accessible through Inside Loyola. Log into Inside Loyola and scroll down to the bottom right hand corner. You will see a link to Webfolder under Applications which will bring you into your network drives.

About Loyola Webfolder

Webfolder is a front-end mechanism to enable advanced features of file storage without moving Loyola data from where it currently resides.  Webfolder allows features like:

  • Web access to your Loyola G: Drive from a web browser, mobile device (both mobile browser and iOS/Android apps)
  • Encrypted communication through SSL
  • Authentication using Inside.Loyola single-sign-on

You can also map the network drives directly from your computer. Learn how to access these drives from off-campus: