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Frequently Asked Questions

Device Questions

Can Sharp handle high volume envelope printing i.e. 250 at a time?
No, Sharp devices can handle smaller envelope jobs (i.e. 25 at a time) through the smart bypass tray.

Can we print labels on Sharp devices? Do we need special labels?
Yes, you can print labels, but you will need to use labels designed for copiers; labels designed for printers will melt in all copy devices because they are not designed to be exposed to heat.

Do Sharp devices print card stock? thicker color paper?
Yes, Sharp solutions can print on thick stock up 110 lb. cover stock (300GSM). Yes, Sharp Solutions can print on colored paper.

How about information that is stored on the printer - how is it secured? 
Sharp has a full suite of security systems to ensure that the data on the hard drive is safe.  The Sharp data Encryption method uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm 256-bit on all data before it is written to RAM and the hard disk drive. It also provides up to 10 times data overwrite routines to clean the hard disk drive after each job. In addition when the device is retired Sharp has an exclusive featured called “End-of-Lease” which scrubs the entire hard disk drive clean removing IP, network, and secure information permanently from the unit. 

Is there a notification provided that the device does not print in color?
No, there is no notification. Your document will still print, it will just be in black and white

Can we scan to an email other than a Loyola email?
No, our system only allows you to send to @Loyola.edu addresses.  

Who do I contact if I am having trouble printing?
Contact the Office of Technology Support at x5555 or ots@loyola.edu. Please have the printer ID number available (located on the front of the printer) when you call.

Can you delete jobs from the printer?
Yes, you can. Select the job then tap Delete.

How long will my print jobs stay in the print queue?
12 hours for employees and 2 days for students.

Can I scan in color from a Black and White device? 
Yes. When scanning large documents in color however, be aware that there is a file size limitation on Loyola's email server. For large documents, it is recommended that you scan in black and white.

Billing/Reporting Questions

We will work with budget administrators on reporting as we roll out the new printers.

Consumable Questions

Is the cost of paper and toner included?
Toner and all supplies are included, however paper is still ordered through Printing Services.

How do I order toner for the printer?
You do not need to order toner. The printer will automatically alert our managed print service provider to order toner for the printer. The toner will be delivered to your office by our managed print service provider.

How do I order paper for the printer?
Contact Printing and Mail Services at x1132 and they will deliver paper to your office. Printing and Mail Services purchases paper for the University in bulk to ensure the best pricing for paper.

When do I need to order a Toner Waster Collection Bottle or Staples?
When the waste collection bottle is almost full, a message will appear on the copier screen "Prepare waste collection bottle". This is when you should order a waste collection bottle. If a second message appears stating that the bottle is full, it will shut down the copier until it is replaced. 

When staples are needed, a message will appear on the copier screen stating "Add staples."

How to Order:

  • Locate the id sticker on the document feeder of the copier. It will be a "66xxx" number. 
  • Call Centric at 1-877-902-7999 and press prompt number 3 for the Supply Department. 
  • Give the operator the id number and what supply you need. They will verify your order and give you an ETA. When the supply arrives, simply replace what is needed and dispose of the used supply.

Card Swipe Questions

Who do I contact if I am having trouble printing?
Contact the Help Center at x5555 or ots@loyola.edu. Please have the printer ID number available (located on the front of the printer) when you call.

Is there a way to log in to the
Yes, you can log in with your Loyola username and password. On the printer, touch the username button or adjacent keyboard icon to bring up the touchscreen keyboard and enter in your Loyola username and password.