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Technology Services

Student Printing

You can print a document from your computer and pick it up at any HoundPrint device on campus with your Loyola ID.  The new printers have card readers that allow you to tap your card instead of swiping, just as you do for door access. You can also copy or scan documents at any HoundPrint device.

How to Print

You can print to HoundPrint devices by using Email to Print or using Web Print on the HoundPrint Dashboard.

Email to Print

From your laptop or mobile device, send an email with your document attached from your @loyola.edu address to houndprintbw@loyola.edu for black & white or houndprintcolor@loyola.edu for color.

HoundPrint Dashboard

The HoundPrint dashboard can be accessed from Inside Loyola (located under Applications) or via houndprint.loyola.edu. It allows you to see a summary of your usage (including your environmental impact – how many trees does your printing impact?), your print transaction history, and your recent print jobs. The HoundPrint Dashboard includes Web Print, an additional way to submit a print job, which you can use from on or off-campus. Web Print is a service to enable printing for laptop and wireless users, without the need to install print drivers. You can upload a file to print, and then release your print job from any Loyola HoundPrint device.

Print Costs/Credits for Students

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