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Student Print Credit Budget Transfer Request

Note: the deadline for submitting Smart Printing exception requests is now over. If you already submitted an exception request, you will receive notification about whether the request was approved shortly.

Technology Services is unable to offer student print credits on a Loyola employee’s ID card, because this requires a separate printing allocation and a 2nd magstripe on the card, which is not possible. To address the budgeting issue, Technology Services will transfer the allotted amount of student print credits ($15 per semester) to the employee’s departmental printing/copying budget. To request the budget transfer, the employee’s supervisor should submit the form below at the beginning of each semester.

Who should submit form

 Supervisors of full or part-time employees (not work study students) who are enrolled in Loyola classes for the upcoming semester.


Once the employee’s status as a student is verified by Technology Services and the deadline is passed, the Budget Analyst will submit a bulk budget transfer.


1 week following the last day to add or drop a course.


If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship manager (RM):

To request a budget transfer, please provide the following information and click Submit:

Enter first and last name of employee enrolled as student
Enter the department printing/copying budget code that the $15 should be transferred to
Enter Fall, Spring, or Summer and Year