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Mac Enhancements

Technology Services is working on a project to improve the computing experience for our Mac users. The Mac enhancements project provides more seamless integration with Loyola online services, such as HoundPrint, Inside Loyola, and Office 365. 

In addition, we are providing much needed improvements to security because the number of cases of malware targeting Macs continues to surge, growing by 53% over just the first quarter of 2017, according to an analysis from security firm McAfee. Throughout 2016, it grew by a massive 744%. A piece of malware called Fruitfly, discovered in July 2017, is capable of advanced surveillance on macOS devices, allowing an attacker to capture screenshots and webcam images. It can also detect devices connected to the same network as the infected Mac, and connect to those devices as well.

We are aware that the next Apple operating system, High Sierra was released on September 25, 2017. We are evaluating full compatibility with Loyola's environment and infrastructure. 

The Faculty Open Forum for Mac Enhancements notes are available for viewing. 

To provide feedback please fill out the Mac Enhancements feedback form.

Let's take a look at the process

Technology Services will roll out enhancements by department with a focus on staff and admin computers in the fall 2017 semester and a focus on faculty computers in the spring 2018 semester; we will contact you to schedule your visit. This will be an in-person visit where we install necessary upgrades to your Mac and walk you through the enhancements.

  • During our visit, an application called Self Service will be installed that will allow you to install Loyola software.
  • Lync 2011 will be upgraded to the new Skype for Business client, which offers an updated interface and improved meeting experiences.
  • Office 2016 for Mac will be installed, offering enhanced integration with Office 365.
  • Your hard drive will be encrypted – if your Mac is ever lost or stolen, no one will be able to access your data and this meets a requirement of our cybersecurity insurance.
  • Your account will be set up for Multi-Factor Authentication. If you are currently using an email application like Apple Mail or Thunderbird to check your Loyola email, you will need to transition to using Outlook or Outlook on the Web. This is because these third-party email systems are not compatible with Office 365 and Multi-Factor Authentication. If you have business processes that depend on the use of Apple Mail, please let us know. We can help identify solutions using Outlook for a smoother transition.
  • Macs are now able to receive desktop notifications via the Loyola Emergency Notification System (LENS).
  • Administrative rights will be removed for Mac users. You will still be able to install software using the Mac App Store and Self Service, or you may contact the Help Center for assistance.

Who does this impact?

All Loyola employees that use a Loyola owned Apple laptop or desktop.

When will my computer be updated?

Technology Services will roll out enhancements by department throughout the fall 2017 semester to staff and administrators. In the spring 2018 semester, the roll out will continue for faculty. Your relationship manager will contact you to schedule your visit. This will be an in-person visit where the necessary upgrades to your Mac will be installed and we will walk you through the enhancements.

What if I already updated to the High Sierra operating system?

If you have already self-updated to High Sierra, we still need to visit your computer and perform the required encryption.  We are holding off on the campus-wide upgrade until we have fully vetted the product for compatibility in our environment.  If you are already on High Sierra and are experiencing issues, please provide us feedback by calling the Help Center at (410) 617-5555 or via the Loyola Service Portal.

What software is currently available in Self Service?

Adobe Acrobat DC
Adobe After Effects 2018
Adobe Animate 2018
Adobe Audition 2018
Adobe Bridge 2018
Adobe Character Animator 2018
Adobe Digital Editions 4.5
Adobe Fireworks CS6
Adobe Fuse
Adobe Media Encoder 2018
Adobe Muse
Adobe Scout
Adobe Speedgrade
Adobe Dreamweaver 2018
Adobe Illustrator 2018
Adobe Indesign 2018
Adobe Lightroom 2018
Adobe Photoshop 2018
Adobe Premiere 2018
Uninstall Adobe (Uninstalls all Adobe Products) 
Mathematica 11.2.0 (upon special request)
Sibelius (upon special request)
Microsoft Silverlight
Poll Everywhere
Easy Fix * (General maintenance and Software updates. This will restart your computer at completion.)
Spotlight Fix 
Spotlight Reset and Re-enable
Microsoft Teams

What controls on my Mac are currently restricted from admin access? 

For System Preferences:
Startup Disk
App Store
Parental Control
Apple Wallet 
Touch ID
Energy Saver: 
Computer to Sleep – 15 minutes 
Display to Sleep – 15 Minutes

Software that will be installed after enrollment if not already installed:

Alertus – provides desktop notification for Greyhound Alerts to relay important information about impending emergencies and provide updates as they are unfolding.
G Drive App – Used to map G:\ and H:\ drives
PaperCut / Printers - HoundPrint utility used to print to campus printers.
VMWare Horizon – Client used for Loyola Workspace.
VLC – free and open source multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. 
Office 2016 – the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Skype for Business – Skype for Business on Mac is the all new client that provides great communication experiences for Apple users. Features like one-click join, edge-to-edge video, and full screen sharing give you a superior Skype Meetings experience.
Java – the latest version of Java is installed for compatibility and security.

How do I request specific software be added to my Mac for my work? 

Apps can be installed anytime via Self Service or the Mac App Store.  If an app in the Mac App Store is not free and is to be paid for with University funds, it must be purchased through Technology Services to ensure that it is tied to Loyola’s account, not a personal account.  Please contact the Help Center at (410) 617-5555 or via the Loyola Service Portal.

If the software is not available via Self Service or the Mac App Store, contact the Help Center and someone from Client Services will work with you to install the software.  

I travel for work outside of the eastern time zone or outside of the country, how will my computer perform with these enhancements? Do I need to request admin privileges while I travel? 

Please contact the Help Center in advance of your travel schedule. Patricia Malek, director of security, will work with you to ensure your computer will operate as needed while you are away.  If you are traveling to China you will want to discuss your trip computing requirements with Patricia.  Traveling in China with personal computing devices presents special challenges that you need to be aware of and prepared for.

How do I obtain printing drivers at Loyola? (HoundPrint printers) How do I add printing drivers at home? 

If you need to add your home printer drivers, then you will be granted temporary administrative access. Please contact the Help Center to request temporary administrative access. 

The printer drivers for campus printing were added during the HoundPrint roll-out this past fall semester (Fall 2017). 

How will I  access my G drive and H drive?

In Spring 2018, Technology Services is working with Apple to make improvements to the G: and H: drive mapping to improve usability and reliability.  More information about this is coming soon!

What software is currently restricted in Jamf?

  • Blizzard
  • High Sierra *(If already on High Sierra, user will not be affected)
  • High Sierra Beta *(If already on High Sierra, user will not be affected)
  • Mackeeper
  • Minecraft
  • Steam
  • uTorrent

How do I log an issue?

If you experience any problems with your Mac, contact the Client Services Help Center at 410-617-5555 or ots@loyola.edu. You may also come in person to Knott Hall Room 107.

Why do I have to use Outlook for email?

Due to the recent upgrade to Two Factor Authentication, third party email systems are no longer compatible for accessing your Loyola.edu email account. You can still use those programs for accessing other non-Loyola email accounts, such as Gmail or home email addresses. However, your Loyola email will not longer be supported through third party email systems. For further information view the Technology Services Information Security Policy.

Why are you encrypting drives?

In the case your device is stolen or lost, any data stored on it will be protected. This is required by our cyber insurance carrier.

How will my operating system stay updated?

Updates to your Mac computer will be pushed out automatically but you will have the option of when to install them as to not interfere with your work. These updates will help us maintain the integrity of your system. 

What support materials do you have for me?


  1. Lynda.com Playlist of Outlook trainings 
  2. Additional support provided by request to training@loyola.edu


Look for communication email - communications will be sent out to each department informing them of the upgrade to Mac Enhancements, this will provide instructions on getting updated and time frames.

Loyola has adopted and approved an Information Security Policy, which states that Loyola provided devices are to be used only for Loyola business related activities. While we know that many people use their device for personal purposes, the need for increased security vigilance requires each of us to not inadvertently introduce vulnerabilities into the Loyola environment. Since malware, viruses and other types of nefarious software can be installed on anyone’s computer without their knowledge, we must carefully control the software installed on all Loyola owned computers.

If you would like to purchase a new computer or software for personal use, don’t forget that Loyola provides a benefit for a three year payroll deducted, interest-free loan and offers discounts at AppleLenovo, and Dell.

Loyola provides access to several application suites for personal use free of charge, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.


If you have questions please contact your Technology Services Relationship Manager, Robin Smith (Staff/Admin) rssmith@loyola.edu or Tom Wilson (Faculty) trwilson@loyola.edu.