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MyLoyola is your personal Inside.Loyola site. It gives you a personalized experience as you use InsideLoyola to access Loyola services.

  • Students, work better with your peers through storing and sharing files and updating your status and commenting on others. Complete your profile to share your unique talents with fellow students.
  • Faculty, collaborate with your department and stay informed with each other through posting your content and requesting comments. Create a blog to share your professional research or studies with the university community.
  • Administrators and Staff, view where you and others fit in to Loyola’s organizational structure to understand who to contact across the university. Share what you are currently working on and reach out to others for assistance.

Getting started with MyLoyola:

  • Login to Inside.Loyola and click your name in the upper-right, then choose "My Site".
  • Complete your profile
  • View your organizational structure (Faculty/Admin/Staff)
  • View your activity stream
  • Post an update
  • Like a post by someone else
  • Upload documents
  • Create a blog

Accessing MyLoyola

Log on to Inside.Loyola. In the upper-right corner, click your name and select “My Site”.


Top Features

  • Your customizable Loyola profile
  • Organizational hierarchy for employees
  • Live news feed from people you follow
  • Note wall for sharing
  • Tagging people, topics, and content
  • Rate pages, posts, and other content
  • Online storage space for your files, with sharing
  • Create your own blog
  • View the content from all of your Inside.Loyola team sites
  • Much more

Tutorials and More Information

Detailed overview (Microsoft)
Video tutorial (YouTube)