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Forgot Dial-in Pin?

Reset Dial-in PIN

The dial-in PIN is used when calling into a conference call, the PIN is what is used to authenticate you. 


In order to reset your dial-in pin first go to the Reset Pin link then click 'Sign In' 

Next, click on the Sign In link to log in with your Loyola username and password:

Personal Identification Number PIN sign-in


Sign in screen for resetting PIN

After signing in, click on 'Reset your PIN' to change the PIN number you will use when calling into conference calls

forgot your PIN image

Enter your new PIN and confirm the PIN then click OK to make the change: 

Set your pin


Reset Assigned Conference Information

Assigned conference information is used to create a unique meeting URL that can be shared to invite people to your conferences/meetings.

You can click 'Reset my Assigned Conference information' to create a new conference ID and meeting URL which are used when you are inviting users to your meeting. 

Reset assigned conference information link