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To set up your Loyola Exchange email on an Android device, first locate the Email App

Type in your Loyola email and password, and select Manual Set-up

Manual Set Up 

Select Exchange Account
Type  ad\ before your username (as seen below), and type loycas.loyola.edu  for the Exchange Server. Keep the other settings as their defaults and select Next.

Enter Information


Select OK for the security warning


Change the Amount to Synchronize option as you like-- this will decide how many days worth of mail will appear on your phone. You can also make this your default account (recommended), and toggle on/off Calendars/Contacts. Select Next


Type a name for this account to distinguish it from your other accounts (GMail, Yahoo, etc)

Name Account

Select Activate and you are finished. You can now find your Loyola email from the Email icon you used to set it up!
I need help re-adding my account:

Often times, mail, contacts and calendars need to simply be re added to the device to restore functionality. To remove your account, go to Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calenders and select your Exchange account. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and select Remove Account. After removing the account and before r-eadding restart your device! This is crucial to remove any cached set up information.

If your question/problem was not answered here, please call the OTS at x5555 or email ots@loyola.edu.

*Note: all screenshots on this page are taken on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The images on your Droid device or OS version may differ