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Citrix Receiver


Where can you download?: Click here to download.

Who should use Citrix?: Loyola Staff, faculty or students

Summary: Allows you to access the Loyola Anywhere Apps on your iOS device, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software specific to your department or role at Loyola. Also, allows for access to the G: and H: network drives

Cost: Free


After installing Citrix, launch the App and click Add Account.

For Address, enter https://ctx.loyola.edu

For username enter your Loyola username (without @loyola.edu at the end)

If you enter your password here, it will be saved for future sessions. If you do not enter your password on this screen, you will need to enter credentials at each launch (use this option for a public-use or common-use iPad). Remember that your G: and H: drives are accessible within Citrix!

For Domain, enter ad.loyola.edu

Add Account

Once your settings are entered, you are able to launch Apps by clicking on an individual App. Clicking on the star next to each App will add the App to the Citrix home screen as a favorite. If you did not enter your password at the initial screen, click Log Off to ensure the next user to launch Citrix does not automatically login to your account!

Log in

After clicking on an App (such as Word), the App will launch. You are now running software on your iOS device using Citrix! To access the G: or H: drive, select File at the top-left and select Open.


Click on ‘Computer’ and you can select your G: or H: drive



If your question/problem was not answered here, please call the OTS at x5555 or email OTS@loyola.edu

(Neat tip: On your iOS device, click and hold on any empty space on the top toolbar to quickly scroll to the top of this page)

*Note: all screenshots on this page are taken on an iPad. iPhone/iPod images will be similar