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Where can you download?: Click here to download on the iPad, or here on the iPhone.

Who should use GoodReader?: Loyola staff, faculty or students

Summary: GoodReader is a PDF reader for iOS devices. PDFs are viewable by default in a simplified form on iOS devices by default; however, GoodReader will give you access to more complex components of PDF documents, such as hyperlinks. GoodReader also allows you to access the G: and H: drives, and read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in PDF form. GoodReader is a read-only App, and does not allow for creation or editing of PDF documents.

Cost: $4.99 (GoodReader often goes on sale for as low as $.99)


How to set-up the G: and H: drive in GoodReader:

Launch GoodReader and select Add

Select ‘Any WebDAV Server’
New connection
For staff/faculty/administrators, enter: https://webfolder.loyola.edu/dfs  and  ad\yourusername  and your Loyola password.

For students, enter: https://webfolder.loyola.edu/students  and  ad\yourusername  and your Loyola password.
Sign in

Your G: and H: drives are now viewable under the ‘Connect to Server’ menu
G and H


How to save a document to the G: or H: drive from an iOS device Email client using GoodReader:

Open the document from the email attachment, and select the icon in the top-right and select ‘Open in GoodReader’
Open in

The document is now open in GoodReader, select ‘My Documents’ to go back to the GoodReader home screen
My documents

Navigate to the G: or H: drive to the location you want to save the file. If you do not navigate to the exact folder you want to save the file to, GoodReader will constantly prompt you for credentials. Click on ‘Upload’, then select all documents to upload (Test Doc in this case), and select Upload x Items. The document is now saved on the G: or H: drive and can be edited using Citrix.  


How to email a document from the G: or H: drive on an iOS device using GoodReader:

To email a document (perhaps after editing with Citrix), navigate to the document on the G: or H: drive and select Download.

Select Download File Here and it will save the file locally on the GoodReader App on your iOS device
File here

Open the document, now located on the GoodReader App, and select the icon on the lower-right and select ‘E-Mail File’
Select action


If your question/problem was not answered here, please call the OTS at x5555 or email OTS@loyola.edu

(Neat tip: On your iOS device, click and hold on any empty space on the top toolbar to quickly scroll to the top of this page)

*Note: all screenshots on this page are taken on an iPad. iPhone/iPod images will be similar