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iCloud and Find My iPhone



Who should use iCloud?: Loyola staff, faculty or students

Summary: iCloud has several features, some of which are more useful than others for use at Loyola. The Find My iPhone feature allows you to track the geographical location of the device, send a message/play a sound on the device, lock the device, and wipe the device. Another useful feature is the ability to remotely backup and restore your device, in case it is damage, lost, stolen or replaced. All of the features of iCloud can be done through a web browser by going to icloud.com.

Cost: Free


Pre-requisite: To have iCloud on your iOS device, you must have Passcode Lock enabled. If you do not currently type as passcode periodically when accessing your iOS Device, please view our support article on how to add a passcode to your iOS device.



Click on Settings

Select iCloud and enter your Apple ID username and password. Click Sign In. You might receive a message that you need to verify your iCloud account. To do so, check the email account your Apple ID is associated with, and click Verify Now. 

sign in 

Once verified, select OK


Toggle off Contacts and Calendars (these are configured via Exchange at Loyola), and ensure that Find My iPhone is toggled on. Click on Storage & Backup.

storage and backup 

From the Storage & Backup menu, you can manage your iCloud storage, including remote backups of your device! Ensure that iCloud Backup is toggled on and your device will automatically be backed up when plugged in, locked and connected to Wi-Fi.



Using iCloud:

Navigate to icloud.com on your computer and type your Apple ID username and password

Once logged-in, click on Find My iPhone. You will see the geographical location of your device. Click the blue arrow to get a list of commands


You can now play a sound/send a message to the device, lock the device, or wipe the device



If your question/problem was not answered here, please call the OTS at x5555 or OTS@loyola.edu.

(Neat tip: On your iPad, click and hold on any empty space on the top toolbar to quickly scroll to the top of this page)

*Note: all screenshots on this page are taken on an iPad. iPhone/iPod images will be similar