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Mail, Contacts, Calendars

mail, contacts, calendars

Summary: Allows you to access your Exchange account on your iOS device including your email, contacts, and calendar appointments. It is important to note that this is not Outlook, and is a simplified client instead; Outlook has many additional features not available through this client.

To set-up mail, first click on the Settings.


Next select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select Add Account

add account

Select Microsoft Exchange


Employees: Enter your full Loyola email, the domain ‘ad.loyola.edu’, your username and password and select next.

Students: Enter your full Loyola email where it asks for email and for the username field. Leave domain blank and enter your the password you use to access email.


You may be told that server verification failed—this is expected, just select continue. A server field will populate.

Employees: Enter loycas.loyola.edu for the server.

Students: Enter pod51000.outlook.com for the server.


Make sure that all three Mail, Contacts, and Calendars are turned on and select Save to finish. Each can be accessed individually through their corresponding Apps.