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Pages, Numbers, Keynote

Pages, Number, Keynote

Where can you download?: Click here to download Pages, click here for Numbers, and here for Keynote.

Who should use Pages, Numbers and Keynote?: Loyola staff, faculty or students who will do a good amount of document editing on iOS

Summary: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively. Though they are not a full-fledged version as you would see on your computer, they are trimmed down and optimized for use on the iPad or iPhone. Each App comes with an in-depth tutorial document to help you get the most out of the App. See below for a tutorial on how to access the G: and H: drives with these Apps!

Cost: $9.99 each


G: and H: drive access on each App is very similar. The screenshots below are taken from Pages on the iPad.

First, to save a document to the G: or H: drive, click on the wrench icon in the top-right. Next, select Share and Print.
Share and Print

Next, select Copy to WebDAV.
Copy to WebDAV

Under Server Address:

Type https://webfolder.loyola.edu/dfs for staff/faculty/administrators

Type https://webfolder.loyola.edu/students for students
Sign in

You will then be able to navigate to a specific folder on your G: or H: drive to save a document. The reverse process is similar; to open a document from the G: or H: drive, click the + in the top-left corner, and select WebDAV. Follow the same process as for saving a document if necessary.
Create document

If your question/problem was not answered here, please call the OTS at x5555 or email OTS@loyola.edu.

(Neat tip: On your iOS device, click and hold on any empty space on the top toolbar to quickly scroll to the top of this page)

*Note: all screenshots on this page are taken on an iPad. iPhone/iPod images will be similar