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Travel Tips

A Quick Guide for Managing Technology Needs While Traveling

Don’t Leave Home Without:           

•           Power Cords

•           Ethernet Cable

•           Chargers with International Adapters (if traveling overseas)

Update Your Password

Loyola’s password security protocols require you to update your password every six months. Make sure your password doesn’t expire when you’re traveling by updating it before you leave—especially if you’re traveling for an extended period of time. To change your password, log in to Inside Loyola (inside.loyola.edu) and check the “Change Password After Login” box.

Strengthen Software Security

Traditional antivirus software rarely protects older programs and plug-ins, and when you’re traveling and relying more on untrusted wireless connections, these programs  become particular vulnerable to attacks. Before you hit the road, visit


and download Secunia Personal Software Inspector. This free tool lets you know which programs pose risks and how to find the patches needed to update their security.

Make your iPhone, Android, or other Smartphone Global-Ready

Loyola-owned phones: Contact the Office of Technology Support at ots@loyola.edu or ext. 5555 and confirm your device is global-ready and has an international voice and data plan in place. Voice and data plan upgrades may result in an increase in your monthly service plan, but these upgrades can be temporary and removed after your trip. Personal owned phones: If you are planning to travel overseas and your mobile device requires data transmission, contact your data service provider to make sure your data and voice plans support international service. These services can become expensive while traveling; for cost-saving tips, visit your carrier’s website.

If you have a 3G or 4G capable iPad, and plan to use the service, view Loyola.edu/ots/mobile for additional information on how to set up and manage these data plans.  When you’re traveling, you’ll likely have fewer free wireless networks available, and will rely more on your data plan.

Consider setting a device password to protect your information should your device be lost or stolen. For information on how to do this on many popular devices, visit Loyola.edu/ots/mobile.