Loyola University Maryland

Technology Services

Online Faxing


Over the past few years, Technology Services has been replacing our aging telephone system with a new Voice over IP (VOIP) system. The first step was replacing employee desk telephones with new VOIP phones. Before we can retire the old phone system completely, we also need to replace our campus fax machines.
Most departments will have designated employees that will have online fax accounts, with the ability to send and receive faxes, as well as forward faxes received to the intended recipients. All fax numbers currently in use today will remain the same in the new online fax system.
Online faxing is meant to be used for business purposes only. We recognize that employees may occasionally have the need to send personal faxes. We will have a stand-alone fax machine on each campus that employees may use for personal faxing needs. They will be located at the Help Center on the Evergreen campus and the main offices at Timonium and Columbia.