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Adobe Connect for Beginners

Heard about the “virtual classroom” and want to know more? Adobe Connect is a powerful tool to synchronously share presentations, encourage student interaction, record classroom sessions and enable distance learning. Topics covered include screen sharing, recording a class, encouraging student participation, chat sessions, file sharing and more. No prerequisites are required for this course.
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Adobe Connect for Smart Devices
Want to learn how to lead a class via your iPad? This class will show you how to use Adobe Connect on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices to facilitate outside of class participation and allow for students to use similar devices to participate remotely. Topics covered include sharing a presentation, creating a chat, recording presentations and propagating intra-student communication.  Prerequisite:  Adobe Connect for Beginners.

Classroom Technology 

Panopto Lecture Capture
Looking for a new way to keep your students engaged during class? Loyola offers four different classroom setups ranging from audio-only capture to a full-capture solution (audio, camera and screen capture.)  Learn how a simple single-push-button technology like Panopto Lecture Capture will enhance your classroom experience and improve student retention.  You can also use lecture capture at your office computer to record a lecture.  Augment your class resources by posting your lecture captures so that students can view the lectures in or out of the classroom. Please contact the Help Center, if you need help putting the software on your computer (contact the Help Center at ots@loyola.edu) BRING A LAPTOP TO THIS CLASS


Colleague is Loyola's database system. 
Introduction to Colleague - This class is required for new employees that will be using the University Administrative Systems for Human Resources, Finance, Advancement or the Student Information System in their new job. 
The class provides a broad overview of the administrative systems (e.g., security, data confidentiality, access control, logging in) with a focus on student, course, and demographic inquiries.  While the focus is on general use functionality, specific job function questions will be addressed as time allows. 
Please let us know when you register for class if your access has not been set up for Colleague. If necessary, instructions for obtaining access will be provided. 
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Informer: Users Forum for Migrating Informer Reports to SQL
Join Loyola's Enterprise Applications group for a series of interactive discussions on rewriting Informer reports for our new SQL Server ODS.

Course Topic : General Technology at Loyola (8)
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Adobe Acrobat Professional
If PDF files are a mystery to you, you are not alone!  What does PDF stand for anyway? (Portable Document Format, of course!) In this course, we demystify PDF and learn multiple ways to create PDFs, edit existing PDFs, customize properties including locking a document, and create interactive forms.
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Camtasia Drop-in Session
Get help getting started with Camtasia for screen capture and webcam recording and editing videos for video lectures, demos and screenshots.  Come to see a demo and just learn more about the tool or let us help you get started. Please contact the Help Center, if you want to request the software, available on your Loyola computer only (contact the Help Center at ots@loyola.edu). BRING A LOYOLA LAPTOP TO THIS CLASS (contact edtechnology@loyola.edu if you do not have a Loyola laptop to request a loaner)
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PCI Security Training
In this session, you will receive PCI security training, as well as learn how to create a binder that documents your office’s processes and procedures for accepting credit card payments. Per PCI requirements, this session is mandatory for offices that accept credit card transactions.
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Protecting Yourself and Your Data Online
This one hour class is for all faculty, staff, and administrators who want to learn more about protecting your data, both at home and at work. We’ll discuss preventing identity theft, protecting your personal computer as well as Loyola computers, and more topics aimed at keeping you safe online. The Security Operations Center is your partner in online security – join us to learn more about how we can work together to keep our community safe online!
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Qualtrics Drop-in Session
This drop-in class will help you to quickly get up and running using Qualtrics to create and manage surveys for conducting academic studies.
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TimeClock Plus Leave Request (Supervisor Only)
This training will walk supervisors through the approval process for employees that fill out leave requests, how to create requests for your employees and how to make changes in TimeClock Plus.
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TimeClock Plus Supervisor Training
This training will provide instruction on TimeClock Plus for supervisors to be able to manage their employees, make corrections to hours and walk through the approval process. 
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WordPress 101
If you’re ready to build your own website—or need one for a class, Wordpress.com offers a free and easy way to begin. This course takes you from getting your free blog, customizing the look and feel, to adding engaging articles and custom menus. You can create a traditional website layout or a continuous scrolling blog, it’s entirely up to you. There’s no complex coding involved. You’ll leave this training with a fully functioning website of your own. 

Course Topic : Microsoft Products (3)
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Excel Formulas, Formatting and Sorting
In this hands-on class, you will learn basic formulas and Excel tips and tricks by creating a sample budget. We will also cover different methods of sorting and filtering your data.
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Microsoft Outlook Training
Join us for Outlook/Exchange training! We have several options available to you for training. 
In-person classes: Technology Support is offering hands-on, in-person training classes to help get you up to speed on Outlook/Exchange.
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PowerPoint: Beyond the Slideshow
Leverage media to make you presentations come alive! Powerpoint 2013 offers more options for working with images, audio, slideshows, and multi-media. This course takes you beyond basic text and image slides to seamlessly incorporate multi-media content. You’ll also learn best practices for keeping your audience engaged, and see some cool tools that you can use with PowerPoint.
*Participants should have basic knowledge of Powerpoint (opening presentations, adding new slides and text).

Course Topic : Moodle (6)
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Moodle  - Drop In Session
Bring your laptop or use one of our computers to set up your courses! Moodle experts will be there to answer any questions that might come up. No appointment necessary, just come on by! Note that this is not a training class but a time set aside for you to work on your Moodle Course with in-house support for questions. 
It is highly recommended that you attend Moodle 1- Beginner Training or go through the online tutorial, Moodle Course Design at moodle.loyola.edu, before starting to set up your course.  Go to  for details about Moodle at Loyola.
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Moodle for Beginners
New to using Moodle and just want to get acclimated to its capabilities? Moodle for Beginners is the course for you. Moodle provides a wealth of tools to be able to post readings, administer assignments and create other interactive course materials. Topics covered include uploading files to your course, creating a basic assignment, accessing student activity reports, taking attendance and more.  No prerequisites are required for this course.
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Moodle for Quizzes, Test and Exams
Curious about giving an exam online? Want to be able to have exams graded instantaneously for student access? This course is designed  to prepare instructors how to give online exams, whether an in-class exam or a take-home test. Topics covered include question management, uploading and downloading exams, preparing the test environment, and how to create short answer and essay questions. Prerequisite: Moodle for Beginners.
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Moodle- Gradebook
Want to be able to keep students posted on their grades throughout the semester? This course provides an in-depth training in using Moodle Gradebook, including opportunities to work hands-on with the gradebook and to ask specific questions.  Topics covered include grade aggregations, adding categories and items, allowing for extra credit and grading for groups. Prerequisite: Moodle for Beginners

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Moodle- Working with Activities
 Are you ready to do more with Moodle?  This course offers hands-on training with several popular online activities that allow you to provide practice and assessment for your students right in your Moodle course. Activities include: assignments, discussion forums, blogs/wikis and external tools. Also, save time and energy by learning to choose settings that best meet your instructional needs. Prerequisites:  Completion of Moodle Beginner course or equivalent experience navigating and creating course content.
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VoiceThread in Moodle
Take your online course forum to the next level. Voicethread lets you and students have conversations in the cloud! There are four simple steps to using VoiceThread in your courses:
Adding VoiceThread to your course
Setting up your VoiceThread link
Waiting for students to submit work (if you've created a graded assignment)
Grading student work (if you've created a graded assignment)

Course Topic : SharePoint (2)
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Introduction to SharePoint for Team Site Owner/Administrators
The purpose of this course is to teach Loyola users, who are responsible for a Share Point Team Site, the skills to build and maintain a team site: 
Understand the SharePoint Team Site structure and organization 
Plan, Design & Develop an effective & collaborative site for your team, implementing: lists, libraries, web part pages, the View All Site Content Menu & the Site Actions Menu 
Define and manage Permissions and Versioning
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SharePoint Upgrade
This course is intended for SharePoint users and team site owners and will review the changes made following the upgrade in SharePoint. 
This course will highlight the major changes as well as daily functions, and walk through the new features that are now offered in SharePoint. 

Course Topic : Sitecore (2)
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Introduction to Sitecore
The goal for this course is for Sitecore Content Owners to be able to maintain their department web site using the Sitecore Content Management system (CMS).  Specifically, by the end of this course they will be able to:  Log in/out & navigate the development environment Sitecore Content Editor; edit accessible areas of their department page(s) including uploading and managing media; follow steps to publish changes; follow protocol to request assistance from Marcomm when appropriate; use best practices for all tasks.
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Sitecore Refresher
This course will cover materials from the Introduction to Sitecore class including editing a page, inserting an image, and adding a new page. Additionally, it will also cover resizing an image, updating a portlet, and some quick tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and accessibility. This course is only for content owners who have already attended Introduction to Sitecore.

Course Topic : Technology Services Department (1)
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Project Management Essentials: Swim Lanes
Technology projects have different documentation requirements depending on how they were scored and what swim lane they were assigned. Swim lane 1 has the most documentation and steps a project is required to have, compared  to the least amount of steps and documentation required of a swim lane 4. This PM Essentials class focuses on the differences of the swim lanes, the requirements and reasons for each one, and how to produce all of the documentation that is expected